One way of thinking about the Covid-19 pandemic is to consider it as revealing how our society functions. Indeed, by applying pressure, it amplifies
The declaration Ministers, members of scientific councils, minister-presidents and other "decision-makers", we hereby inform you that we have disobeyed, we are disobeying and we will
Everyone knows the proposal of the mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal concerning the rationality to become a Christian. This bet is probably not the
Lately, I read one of those pompously called "counter-expertise" papers, which is in the family of American fact checking. It has become the new
Talk about it around you, it is not the mainstream media that will do it. Our book "Covid-19: Beyond Censorship" made in collaboration
Since the beginning of the Covid era, Alexander De Croo considers that my interlocutors are not credible, that the doctors, scientists, nurses, lawyers... to
Philippe Debongnie In our highly "digitized" countries, censorship has little reason to exist: human beings allow themselves to be manipulated without realizing it and without
According to Hannah Arendt (1906-1975), political scientist, philosopher and journalist, totalitarian regimes take control of the population by drowning them in a sea of
Deportees reading an inscription in Gothic letters where the observance of the virtues of the perfect deportee is presented as "the path to freedom".

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