Walloon Festival… « no thanks! »

Marie-Rose Cavalier-Bohon, former member of the Walloon Parliament, shared with us this letter she sent to the President of the Walloon Parliament, the Members of the Bureau and the Minister President of the Walloon Government, as well as to the different deputies. She explains why she refuses their invitation to the official ceremony of the Fêtes de Wallonie in the year 2021.

Mrs. Jacqueline Galant, Sophie Pécriaux, Sybille de Coster-Bauchau, Mr. J‑Claude Marcourt, Manu Disabato, and to the Minister President of the Government; Mer Elio Di Rupo.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

As a former Walloon parliamentarian, it is always a pleasure for me to receive an invitation from an important Assembly in terms of political choices for our Region.

I have tried to do my best for the Assembly through the competences assigned to me, because its role as a relay between the EU, the Federal Government, the federated entities and its supervision of the Communes is crucial.

The invitation of this day, leaves me more than perplexed.

Indeed, to attend this ceremony, to the proposals or political assessments of the ones and the others, which are for me essential in the comprehension of the measures taken according to the general interest, I necessarily have to present  » a digital certificate Covid of the EU » !!!!

Curious, I read the steps of this essential certificate to recover the possibility to travel and .… more simply, to attend, a few kilometers from my home, the development of the Regional Assembly(https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/fr/ip_21_2593)

From this reading, I deduce that every time I travel, even to hear you, I still have to present :

- either a complete vaccination (very badly named it seems to me, since it is a gene therapy which obtained an authorization of marketing « PROVISIONAL, but which one promotes with all goes!) ,

- a PCR test (constantly updated, with too many analysis cycles (according to Mer Van Laethem) showing everything and anything, but still used for the continuation of the measures taken following the « said pandemic »!)

- a medical certificate attesting to my recovery, all this in order to correspond to the health diktats validated by the political assemblies.

These diktats are for me, completely disproportionate, even deceitful, since to travel today, even « vaccinated new tests are required and must be negative. 

On this subject, I probably misread « the pandemic law » … would it be the basis for the application of this national tracing certificate or not?

As in France, is this application decided?

Thank you for enlightening me on this subject.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I must tell you that this invitation « under conditions » makes me uncomfortable, I also hope that I am not the only one!

Therefore, in order to celebrate our Region, in order to hear you, I must officially present to you the fact that I am not ill. These conditions are beyond my comprehension!

Just one more question: are you going to persist in this headlong rush towards a world of surveillance at all costs, of control everywhere, even within the so-called democratic and citizen assemblies?

I just have the impression, while living these difficulties qualified as « sanitary », proudly carried by the political authorities, of living a nightmare!

This is the reason why, on September 18th, during the Fêtes de Wallonie and on my birthday, I will not be able to join you for the reasons given and I regret it.

As President Macron says, « the day after will not be the day before » !!!! You carry these political choices in a way, it seems to me, with obedience and irresponsibility. What a pity!

A very last remark; the Walloon Assembly was for me, magic of « power, knowledge, hope ».

Kind regards

M‑R Cavalier

Two attachments if you have time…and if you are interested.


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