Behind the media smokescreen, there is the reality of what people experience: contradictory results, pressures, threats, inconsistencies. Many testimonies have been received, including the
We asked this question to two people who had experienced political and media coercion because they did not repeat the official line: "You have
We were at the press conference on September 17. We have gone beyond understanding there. No more opposing speeches are audible, therefore no more
Above all, the signatories have nothing against those who have received their doses of vaccine. Each person does what he or she thinks is
Virus in the water, hello virus! Virus in the water, hello virus!When the clogged sky tumblesWith Belgium as a terminusThat everything is going to hell
Invective and stigmatization have become the usual methods of the dominant media to make those who do not follow the right path and those
Live interview with Philippe Bobola, anthropologist, doctor in physical chemistry, biologist and Adlerian psychoanalyst. We are living in a new era, but the

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