This is not a press conference…

Following the censorship by Facebook, without any notification (the video was even removed from our library), of our reaction after the last press conference of August 20th, we republish it on our site, free.

… But an official vaccine propaganda organ. A caring atmosphere with five minutes of caring questions from the journalists. And this repeated certainty that the vaccine is the best thing, the one and only solution to bring us back to the « abnormal » that governed our lives before. However, many studies show that natural immunity is more effective than vaccine immunity, especially in terms of resistance to variants; that one of the risks of the vaccine is to aggravate the disease by a dependent reinforcement of antibodies (see; that we are experiencing a wave of deaths and unprecedented post-vaccination side effects. Kairos was not present at the press conference on August 20, but more than ever ready for the next step.

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