We never considered it useful to criticize media that seemed closer to us than those commonly called « mainstream ». If we refused to name them 
*With Erwan Castel, former French intelligence officer living in the Donbass since 2015. Blog : alawata-rebellion.blogspot.com VKontakte : vk.com/erwan.castel Telegram: Continuous news channel: t.me/ErwanKastel Telegram: Contact: @ErwanCastel (Erwan
These French caregivers were suspended for refusing to participate in the business plan of multinational pharmaceutical companies that wanted to inject them to supposedly 
In France, many people are still unaware that health care workers who were suspended for not being vaccinated have never been reinstated. Without a 
The importance of the monetary revival that is taking place at the global level is matched only by the media silence that surrounds it. 
For the release of this issue, Jean-Marc Cuvelier talks with Alexandre Penasse about his editorial  » When the watchdogs of journalism were playing 
Often discredited by colleagues who had violated peaceful demonstrators (cf. in particular the events in the Bois de la Cambre), the police as a 
An interesting dive into the world of philanthropists… Please note that Kairos does not « benefit » from the largesse of the Lunt Alors si vous 

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