Belgian Covid Safe Certificate: Summons against the Belgian State and the European Commission.

A medico-social ASBL lodges a summons against the Ministry of Health, the FAMHP, the European Commission and the Order of Physicians. The complaint concerns the failure of the new Belgian Covid Safe Certificate, launched on June 16, to comply with the Patient’s Rights Act of 2002.

According to Dr. David Bouillon, head of the Lagardère association, and his counsel Philippe Vanlangendonck, the State creates a series of discriminations. The complaint aims to denounce a propaganda that leads to lies, medical errors, misinformation and a procedure that disregards medical and scientific notions.
The summons will be heard this week by the Tribunal des Référés in Brussels.

Dr. David Bouillon believes that only legal action is necessary to ensure that the interests of patients are respected by the authorities in charge of managing the health crisis.

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