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 » Dear Friends, You will find attached the indictment and the decision of the Ordre des Médecins du Hainaut… 
Guests: Cécile Maïchak- Laurence Kayser… 
The cinema has accustomed us to repeated sequels. No matter the scenario, no matter the verisimilitude, as long as… 
Many of you supported us when, last July, we decided to launch a lawsuit against Google because of the… 
Interview with Piero San Giorgio… 
Conference of SALIM Laïbi on his last book… 
While many people think they are out of the woods and are preparing for their vacations, those in charge… 
Several hundred people demonstrate in support of Julian Assange in front of the Place de la Monnaie in Brussels… 
Guests for the show: LAURENCE Kayser: Gynecologist & Obstetrician DIANE Protat: Lawyer MARCO Pietteur: Publisher MÉLODIE: Founder of « Où est… 

Kairos sues Youtube. Youtube closes our page

While we filed a complaint against Youtube, the platform took the decision, following an interview published on our page, to close our channel. 

In this maneuver, the multinational clearly decides to deprive the citizens of access to other information and to leave them in the matrix of the mainstream media.

Youtube pretends to take care of your health (see the words of a defense lawyer: « putting back the video would irreparably damage the health of YouTube users »), but it takes care of your mind…

A press release will be issued shortly. 

Thank you already for your support! 

Illustration: Alice Magos

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