She is leaving the Liberal Party for 38 good reasons

The CDJ found that Kairos lacked social responsibility by relaying, without
an opinion that cast doubt on clearly unproven facts or that was not based on a
that may have an impact on health or social life

The Council on Ethics in Journalism found on February 15, 2023 that Kairos, in broadcasting a
third-party opinion as it stands, without verifying the obviously false or dubious factual findings, has
contributed to the dissemination of unproven or unproven information and did not clearly ensure the
distinction in the eyes of the public between this opinion, his own, the facts and the analysis he drew from them. The CDJ
also considered that by relaying, without distance or proper analysis, these remarks which cast doubt on the
on facts which in context or by nature were foreseeably likely to impact on health
or life in society, Kairos has failed in the social responsibility that in principle falls to the media
The full decision of the JSC can be found here.

We relay the letter of Sabine Moens de Fernig, published on September 3 on her facebook wall, in which she explains the reasons for her renunciation to remain a member of the reformist movement (MR), and gives her resignation to Georges-Louis Bouchez, president of the party. We don’t advocate for chapels at Kairos, but recognize courage and dignity when they are there. However, as Sabine Moens de Fernig points out, all parties are responsible for the 38 points she raises. We already knew that it was part of the problem(1).

You will find below the letter I sent on August 25 to Georges-Louis Bouchez in which I renounce to be a member of the reform movement. Many people today limit the debate to a vaccinated versus non-vaccinated divide, when the real issue is much deeper. By touching the very foundation of our democracies, it is our rights and freedoms that we are putting at risk. If I incriminate the MR in this publication, this applies to all the majority parties at both the federal and regional levels.

I will end with a quote from James Freeman Clarke, American theologian and author: « A politician thinks about the next election, a statesman about the next generation ». I invite you to meditate on this issue and on the values you intend to defend for the future of our children.

« Dear Georges-Louis,
I hereby inform you that I renounce, as of today, to be a member of the reform movement. Over the past 18 months, I have witnessed the following:

  1. our fundamental freedoms have been violated; 
  2. our democratic values have collapsed; 
  3. the protection of our personal data has vanished; 
  4. our freedom of movement has been and remains impeded; 
  5. the rights and freedoms of the European Union are violated with impunity; 
  6. the freedom of the independent press is threatened; 
  7. the close surveillance of citizens is gradually and insidiously being established, under the guise of health measures; 
  8. the mainstream media have become propaganda tools allowing the continuation of all this madness; 
  9. the denunciation has reestablished itself in our regions, leaving a bitter aftertaste of déjà vu;
  10. During the first containment, elderly people were denied access to hospitals and condemned to die without adequate palliative care; 
  11. Bereaved families were prevented from accompanying their loved ones in their final moments; 
  12. old people have been isolated in their homes for months on end, and for the less fortunate locked up in nursing homes in rooms reduced to 15 m² ; 
  13. families have been deprived of visiting their relatives in nursing homes and providing them with the only comfort required; 
  14. children from 12 years old onwards have been and continue to be forced to wear masks during entire days at school, thus preventing them from oxygenating themselves properly (even though the WHO recognizes that the scientific data concerning the usefulness of masks for healthy people are limited and contradictory); 
  15. of young people have been and still are school dropouts, completely unemployed and depressed; 
  16. Parents’ groups have been created in order to make themselves heard by political authorities; 
  17. young academics have been left destitute by the closure of whole sectors of activity;
  18. Peaceful demonstrations have been heavily repressed and under my eyes young and not so young people have been charged, gassed at 5 cm from the face or molested with truncheons by a heavily armed police force without anyone from the political world finding fault; 
  19. young people, minors, have been locked up in jails and have been victims of police exactions for the only reason of having met with friends at home in small committee or of wanting to attend a demonstration against this disastrous management by our governors; 
  20. intra-family violence has exploded in Belgian homes and the physical integrity of many women and children is threatened; 
  21. entire sectors (cultural, event and catering) have been reduced to nothing for the sole reason that they were not considered ESSENTIAL by our political decision makers; 
  22. self-employed people have been forced to stop their activities, thus admitting bankruptcy and losing the fruit of a lifetime of work; 
  23. people have been arbitrarily deprived of the right to work and have consequently fallen into precariousness; 
  24. The whistleblowers who denounced these abuses were then decried in the public arena, fired or silenced; 
  25. a part of the population has been stigmatized by our rulers for going against the dominant doxa; 
  26. discrimination within the population of other Member States of the European Union without our leaders seeing fit to denounce them; 
  27. Discrimination based on vaccination status is being established in our country; 
  28. the nursing staff was applauded at the height of the crisis and stigmatized 18 months later for asserting their right to dispose of their bodies; 
  29. hospital psychiatry departments have sounded the alarm about the impact of government measures on mental health; 
  30. Treatments that have been proven to be effective against COVID (Ivermectin, Artemisia Annua, etc.) have been banned from all media coverage and from all outpatient use; 
  31. the state debt is increasing without any strong measures having been taken in the last 18 months to rebuild the health care organization; 
  32. the colossal debt that rests on the future generations and that mortgages a little more the already uncertain future of our children; 
  33. our government has begun to divide its population into good and bad citizens based on their vaccination status; 
  34. our government has reserved the right to impose on citizens, in case of a pandemic, the wearing of electronic bracelets allowing to monitor their movements in real time like common prisoners; 
  35. our Minister of Health who feels above the law and says he is « not impressed » by the condemnation by the Court of First Instance of Belgium because of the illegality of the Covid-19 governmental measures and that the members of the government do not consider it useful to reframe; 
  36. the pirouettes of our governments who at first declared to be opposed to any vaccination obligation and today turn around and impose a disguised vaccination obligation; 
  37. Our governments have rushed into a mass vaccination policy for a product that is still in the experimental phase, and on which there is no sufficient hindsight, nor any individual analysis of the risk/benefit balance, whereas this injection does not prevent transmission and alternative treatments exist today; 
  38. a political world completely out of touch with the realities of the citizens.

Now I see that our children have become the prime target of this large-scale experimentation. They are under immense political and social pressure to be injected with this experimental substance and to be discriminated against even though European law expressly forbids it.


  • I am terrified for the future of our children; 
  • I am ashamed of the way our elderly are treated; 
  • I fear for the maintenance of our democratic foundations; 
  • I have lost all confidence in the Belgian political world.

The reform movement, by associating itself with this federal government, is responsible for creating a society that goes against the very foundation of our democracies. You will understand that it is impossible for me to carry the colors of a party that participates and remains silent in front of all these exactions.

I hope that tomorrow I will stand with women and men who will be concerned about restoring our rights and freedoms, who will address the real issues of tomorrow, and who will have in mind the interests of the next 7 generations and not their immediate personal interests before making decisions.

Sabine Moens de Fernig

Notes et références
  1. Voir « L’obsolescence des partis politiques »,

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