Pascal’s wager and violence

Everyone knows the proposal of the mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal concerning the rationality to become a Christian. This bet is probably not the most sophisticated contribution of this great man. However, in 2021, perhaps it should be applied to physicians.

For the so-called COVID 19 « vaccine », between those who vaccinate and those who refuse to both vaccinate and be vaccinated, it is clear that one side is wrong. Physicians who refuse the current vaccination doxa are taking a certain risk.

Let’s evaluate this risk. At this stage, we know the dangerousness of this laboratory-made virus, which is around 0.1%, i.e. a classic flu infection. We know that this figure is overstated, due to the corruption of the entire health care system, and the fact that treatments were stopped to justify an experimental « vaccine ».

Those who take the risk of saying that the vaccine can cause far more deaths than 0.1% are therefore taking a calculated risk, which is entirely rational. At worst — or at best results — they will look like retarded fools, which is not a big deal. On the other hand, those who have decided to inject the « vaccine under the pressure of the New World Order and its relays in Big Pharma, the governments, the Order of Physicians … are exposing themselves to cause immeasurable damage to their patients, because, today, this technique never tested, these unknown ingredients, and the acute deaths already noted, show that it is a real « bungee jump » scientific.

If their strategy proves to be dangerous in the short, medium and long term, they will be seen as mass criminals in the eyes of history. Let every doctor take his or her Pascalian gamble!


If my memory serves me well, during the assassination of the members of the Baader gang in the prisons of the West German state in the 1970s, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote an article in the newspaper Le Monde entitled:  » violence and brutality « , where he compared the brutality of terrorism and the violence of the state.

At the time, I was deeply indignant that one could defend terrorists who had blood on their hands; the State’s response seemed to me « justified ». Today, I have evolved a little… When a State comes to use methods that are those of the adversary, by « committing suicide » in prison, it is acting like Count Ugolino who, in times of famine, ate his children to keep them a father. Or like the French state, which claimed to be an exemplary democracy, while giving implicit orders to the army to repress by all means — including torture — a revolt that, in the light of history, was perfectly justified.

If democracy is to be maintained by undemocratic means, it has ceased to be. This is all the more true because it is not certain that we have ever been in a democracy, because as I have often written, democracy by partecipation is not democracy, but its opposite. This always leads to terrible dramas. Voting is a crime, always punishable by dictatorship.

What is the situation today?

It is difficult to deny that we are facing a state that has a plan, an evil plan, because conspiracy is the only way to find a logic to everything we see. Not only does this State exert on us a violence that is less and less symbolic and more and more crude, directly or through its intermediary relays: police, social media, subsidized media, Order of the doctors,…

What should be done? In this fight, it will be necessary to respond appropriately and in a measured way to the methods of the adversary, without adopting his ways, which would mean committing political and ethical suicide. Consequently, it is necessary to reflect on how we should respond, without excluding any method, except those for which there will be a taboo defined by us. However, history teaches that humanism and rationality never last long. This is perhaps one of the reasons for the success of our opponent who has sided with the dark side of the human soul. In the upper levels of the Conspiracy, most of the actors are transgenerational split beings who have no ethical restraint. It is difficult for « normal » people to conceive of the Satanism and mind control that is at the heart of what we are experiencing.

In the tumble to the abyss, we could perhaps evaluate the path that remains to be traveled by the yardstick of the one that has already been traveled throughout history and of which, like Hegel, I think that we are reaching the end.

In this Armageddon, no one knows better than to apprehend the means that will be used, in simple brutality or in sophisticated violence.

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