Creation of the Friends of Kairos

Kairos, an anti-productivist journal for a decent society, has experienced an increase in readership since the beginning of the « health crisis »; we can only rejoice.

This indicates, among other things, that there is a real demand for critical information, for contradictory debates, for a different representation of reality.

That is why we decided to create and launch  Friends of Kairos.

What is it about? Kairos : the idea is to create regional branches to support Kairos with the aim of promoting the newspaper, making it known, creating networks of relays… To do this, we propose to organize conferences and debates around specific themes.


  1. Creation of regions: Brussels, Liège, Namur, etc.
  2. The people in charge of these regions will organize conferences and debates around specific themes, in a traditional form: a speaker — a moderator — an audience. These conferences will be broadcasted live.

A committee of vigilance will exercise a right of control over the speakers and the topics discussed. It is important to specify that this committee has absolutely no mission to limit the freedom of expression (that would be the last straw for us!), but to make sure that the speakers and the topics discussed will be in agreement with the political, ideological, philosophical foundations … of the newspaper.

  1. In addition to these traditional conferences, which we will call « small conferences », theatrical conferences will be organized, always around a precise theme, but accompanied by staging, acting, etc.
  2. To date, a few themes have already been selected for the « small conferences » cycle:
  1. The media: their role today, how they operate, etc.
  2. The Great Reset: or how the Davos Economic Forum is trying to impose its fourth industrial revolution on us. To this end, an analysis of the book by K. Schwab and Th. Malleret Covid 19, the great reset will be offered. This book is freely available in PDF format on the net.
  3. Sovereignty or the relocation of our power or how to reclaim our share of power.
  4. Teaching: or the importance of mastering syntax, a broad lexicon and a classical culture (literary, scientific, historical, etc.) to meet the major challenges we face.
  5. A new narrative : the exploration of another, even a new narrative of the events we are confronted with, a voluntary projection of our human condition in a vision that is no longer catastrophic of the near or distant future but in an imaginary that carries positive visions of this opportune moment where all possibilities are potentiated. Consider in a new narrative the gains of this period. For this, call on the artists! 
  6. Parenting in the digital age : every parent knows that it’s no easy task.
  7. And again, China’s role in today’s world or Welcome to Western China! (S. Halimi, Le Monde Diplomatique) !

To these themes, we can already add conferences around the future book  Covid-19, beyond censorship co-published by Kairosand GRAPPE, to be published in September. The contributors will tour the cities involved to present and discuss the book with participants.

If you are interested in this project, if you think you could get involved in this beautiful and important adventure for the preservation of our freedom, please come forward.

How do you do it? Contact Jean-Marc Cuvelier at the following address:

When contacting us, please specify the city in which you would like to create a regional  Friends of Kairos . A few days later, we will contact you again for a meeting with all the regional leaders.

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