Politics, media, multinationals: the real surrealism

La Dernière Heure was obliged to mention the resignation of Sabine Moens, not because the editorial staff found it an interesting subject and elements for debate, but because, faced with the success of her publication, which Kairos relayed(1)The fact-checkers have to disprove his statements in a hurry.

Agonized, the mainstream media no longer know what to do to save the sinking ship, caught in spasms, overwhelmed by the successive waves of citizen awakenings. Instead of questioning themselves, they become even more assertive, and sink in.

Anyone who opposes the vaccine propaganda that they have been implementing for a year and a half now, will therefore be stamped  » surrealist « , directly, or  » anti-vax « , indirectly, by mentioning that  » Sabine Moens de Ferning (sic) has been praised by the most active anti-vaxers in Belgium « . Unable to write his name (Fernig’s) correctly, they are equally unable to recognize that the photo accompanying the article is taken from the live video that Kairos made during the demonstration on September 11 (see photos above)(2). They are not more capable, perceived as collabos by demonstrators stamped  » reassurance « ,  » conspiracy theorists « ,  » anti-vaxx « …, to come to demonstrations where it is likely that they will not be appreciated: they watch the lives of Kairos and distort the words. Including those of Sabine Moens…

The latter reacted in a Facebook post:  » When the truth bothers and the mainstream press no longer does its job … » :

 » I have just read a misleading article in the DH that reduces my comments in the letter to Georges-Louis Bouchez to opposing vaccination and calling me an antivaxer. https://www.dhnet.be/…/uccle-antivax-sabine-moens… As I have said and written on many occasions, I believe in the freedom of each person to dispose of his or her body, a freedom which is moreover enshrined in the law of August 22, 2002 on the rights of the patient (I refer you to the interview published in this regard on the Kairos profile: https://www.facebook.com/watch?ref=search&v=1309720539444535&external_log_id=c07fd02f-0b63-446b-ba04-f6ceebdc4a08&q=kairos ). On the other hand, I denounce and will continue to denounce the discrimination against the non-vaccinated. It is indeed unacceptable in a country that calls itself democratic that citizens can be discriminated against on the basis of their vaccination status or their state of health! I will conclude by thanking the DH who strengthens my determination to fight against the democratic abuses we are experiencing. I reserve the right to request a right of reply from them and in case of refusal to publish them to take the matter to court « .

The anathemas in the media mirror

The media could look into their plate from time to time, to see that the reproaches they make to others during their fact-checking exercises, are mostly of their own making. For example, the lack of credibility they attribute to those who hold a different view? At home, this is called a conflict of interest. It’s pretty embarrassing for IMP Group, » which owns DH/Les Sports+, is itself owned by the Compagnie des Médias, which is the holding company of the Hodey group(3) « to see, for example, that N‑Side(4),  » a joint spin-off of UCL and ULg developing decision support tools based on operational research(5) « , which helps pharmaceutical companies optimize their supply chains throughout the trial life cycle, counts among its 7 identified shareholders(6) :

François Le Hodey, owner of IPM Group, Jean Stéphenne, knighted by the King, former director of GSK (Pfizer)(7), Jacques van Rijckevorsel(8), chairman of the Board of Directors of Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc and Cofinimmo. There are also university professors, such as Constantin Blome, who works at the Institute for Data Analysis and Modeling in Economics and Statistics at UCL.

Mafia turnstile

We always come back to the same thing: the media are owned by large groups that belong to the wealthiest, who vary their shareholdings and invest in pharmaceuticals, land, high technologies (5G, nano, etc.), … The porous borders between the media and politicians explain why the former frequently leave their functions to work for the latter(9), and vice versa in the end, since the latter work for the real bosses of the former: the multinationals(10). These same companies create spin-offs and other start-ups that colonize the academic world, causing a control over the knowledge provided, generating graduates who do not leave the framework of thought that will allow them to adapt to the reality to which they want to adapt. The private sector recruits from political circles and offers highly paid positions of power, which ensures that legislation will work in their interest. A real mafia system, which will not disappear without awareness and a revolutionary awakening.

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