Le monde politico-médiatique n'a tiré aucune leçon du passé. Évidemment, puisque "qui contrôle le passé contrôle le présent". Un peuple informé n'aurait jamais laissé
«Aucune montagne ne peut arrêter le flot d’un fleuve puissant». Avec l’arrivée de six nouveaux membres qui ajoutent un poids géostratégique et une profondeur
Guy Mettan, Swiss journalist and politician, talks about journalism, his journalism, the one he has been practicing for over 40 years. Close to Russia,
Wednesday, March 15, 2023 With Erwan Castel, former French officer of the Airborne Intelligence, left Guyana where he lived for 14 years, guide in the
The last PISA report will have shown, if one is willing to read it critically, the profound inequality of education within European countries, of
" One-dimensional thinking is systematically favored by policy makers and their mass information providers. Their discursive universe is full of assumptions that find
The program "Voisins, voisines" on alternative media broadcast on Wednesday, September 23 on RTBF 3
The program "Voisins, voisines" on alternative media broadcast on Wednesday, September 23 on RTBF 3
In the same way, as the time before and the time after, they will reveal the dead, their story, the details of the one
Numerous recent events have raised questions about the freedom to express one's opposition to the political system in Belgium. The repression of social
For the past few years, architectural stars have been designing "grand gestures" in Brussels and other Belgian cities... But how is this surge of
The alternative press is not without conditions. Kairos is independent. It is neither subsidized nor sponsored (which is also why it is free). It is an
Verviers, Walloon capital of water, jewel of the Vesdre valley, currently has 56,000 inhabitants. Once a prosperous center of European wool production, it is

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