Long live selfish caution!

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Antoine Demant For this post, I would like to not put the letter « e » with the grave accent once. A question of a star’s whim? Why not, after all, following my wonderful post on the vaccine. In this regard, I would like to express my sadness, my frustration, even. I was expecting your barrage of insults, mountains of quips, insults like « you conspiracy nut ». Nothing at all. I would like you to know that I was amazed. The hot season has allowed me to read many amusing things, first of all the double question, that of the vaccine selfishness and the imprudent people, put in the pillory by other people undoubtedly more altruistic slumped in their sofa. I have become cautious with time and will only aim to talk to you about caution and providence. And if I’m not going to use the letter e and its grave accent, ask my drug and computer dealer who will explain to me that the keyboard is at the end of its useful life — after 5 years — and that I’d better stop using this machine and buy another …

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