Already in ordinary times, advertising constantly flirts with bad taste and incorrectness. But, for the last 2 months, his practices have become frankly indecent.
At the time of the climate demonstrations and the parties of all sides seem to agree, in the speeches, on a reduction of greenhouse
March 2020 outbreak of the crisis, which crisis? The social, ecological, economic and civilizational crisis... which was already very perceptible? Or rather the health
Schaerbeek, Saturday 25 April. Bulldozers and excavators come to disturb the silence and the quietude of the Josaphat wasteland, digging a 140m long and
In The Plague, Albert Camus has a priest, Father Paneloux, speak. He evokes the plague as a "redemption", in other words a punishment from
On March 11, I received an email inviting me to make an "appointment for your COVID-19 vaccination "*, from a doctor of the "Agency
In an article entitled "Welcome to Plutocracy"[note], Kairos had described the arcana of the blue networks[note], linked to Kazakhgate but also to African playgrounds.
For some, law enforcement is still a homogeneous block, made up of zealous officers in tune with the health measures, the orders they receive
The current philosophers who think about the multi-dimensionality of reality, who approach moral questions without pretence and without fearing the repression of right-thinking are
Hello, following the testimony on your page concerning the situation of my brother Bruno trisomic, I send you my story. I am my brother's guardian
In the last Kairos, we published an interview with Nancy Huston, Canadian-born novelist and essayist, author of numerous books.[note] If in the first
The various titles and channels alone would give proof of media diversity, without having to think further: "if there are many, it is because
As we know, a growing part of the money that advertisers spend to convince us to buy more of their products goes to online

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