Inhuman Separation

Hello, following the testimony on your page concerning the situation of my brother Bruno trisomic, I send you my story.

I am my brother’s guardian since the death of both my parents, at the request of my mother.

Bruno has been living in an institute in Andenne since he was 13 years old. He was assessed as more or less autonomous about ten years ago and therefore put in an autonomous home with about ten other residents.

When mom was still alive, he came back every weekend and every vacation… At that time the institute already made remarks because Bruno was too often out of the institute. When mom passed away 4 years ago, he would come back to my house one or two weekends a month, because being an educator and sometimes working on weekends, it was impossible for me to take him more.

Since February 28, 2020, he has been able to come only one weekend … The institute bends to all the whims of Sciensano: once yes once no, and then all in all no, the residents can not return to their families until the vaccine is done and successfully acted.

I refused to vaccinate Bruno… He has had covid twice: once in April and once in May… And he is in great shape. 

So my question is… What about my refusal to vaccinate Bruno?

What about his returns, because I refuse to be vaccinated?

Thank you for reading.

I hope I can find a solution.

Man has forgotten to love… We are becoming machines… Every man for himself is the rule…

It is not possible to let this happen…

One word: inhuman.


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