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On March 11, I received an email inviting me to make an « appointment for your COVID-19 vaccination « *, from a doctor of the « Agency for Quality Life » who is also a « Regional Health Inspector ». According to this doctor, « The vaccine is effective, safe and reliable. Here’s what my answer was:


You are relaying the propaganda of Big Pharma, to which all institutions have bowed for its greatest benefit: no, the vaccine is neither effective, nor safe, nor reliable. The clinical trials of the covid vaccines are far from over. We are therefore witnessing a large-scale experiment on a population that has been voluntarily misinformed and conditioned by a policy of lies and fear: in comparison with the flu years, the covid of the year 2020 has been a lesser threat for the vast majority of the population, the exception being the over-80s, an age when it is normal to die, but who on the other hand have been ill-prepared to face the virus and poorly cared for.

Kind regards,

Francis Leboutte, 71 years old

*Subject: Invitation: Make an appointment for your COVID-19 vaccination

Agency for a Quality Life Rue de la Rivelaine 21 6061 Charleroi

Dear Francis Leboutte, We invite you to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Below you will find all the information you need about your vaccination. Even if you have already been contacted by email or SMS, it is planned that all citizens will receive the letter below. So, if you already have an appointment or if you are already vaccinated, please ignore this email. The vaccine is administered in two doses at two different times in the vaccination center: Hall Omnisports de Tilff Rue du Chera 9 4130 Esneux How to make an appointment? Use the button below and specify the date and time for your first vaccination, as well as for your second vaccination:

Your personal immunization code: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Confirm your appointments before 04-04-2021. Invitation: make an appointment for your COVID-19 vaccination

Make your two appointments

The button does not work? Then use the following link:

  • And Big Pharma’s propaganda: 

Why is it important to get vaccinated? The vaccine offers you the best protection against COVID-19. If more than 70% of the population is vaccinated, the virus will be harder to spread and the return to normal life will be easier. 

Am I at risk by getting vaccinated? The vaccine is effective, safe and reliable. Each vaccine is carefully monitored. The vaccines have also been tested in people with long-term illnesses. 

How much will the vaccination cost me? Vaccination is completely free. 

Are there any contraindications to vaccination? There are extremely few contraindications to vaccination against COVID-19. If you have had an allergic reaction to a previous vaccination or in other circumstances If you have had aserious illness or have required urgent medical attention for the same reasons, you should contact your doctor to see if your vaccination is appropriate and if you should be offered a specific vaccine. If you are currently experiencing symptoms of an illness that indicate an infection (such as an increased temperature), postpone your vaccination appointment until you are fully recovered. If you have had a positive Corona test within the last 14 days, whether or not you have symptoms, contact your doctor and reschedule your vaccination appointment for 14 days after you have recovered. If you are pregnant, you should contact your doctor to see if your vaccination is appropriate. Breastfeeding does not require postponing the vaccination. 

What if you can’t come to the vaccination center for a medical reason? Call your doctor or the phone number 0800/45.019 to discuss a solution. 

What if you don’t want to be vaccinated or have already been vaccinated? Indicate that you no longer wish to be contacted Via the button above Or by phone at +32 71 33 78 19 

What to do on the day of your vaccination? Have your eTickets available after you make your appointment Have your ID card available Wear a surgical or cloth mask, NOT a bandana or scarf Wear clothing that allows easy access to your upper arm Come alone, unless you need assistance with mobility If you are ill, do not come and reschedule (see above) 

Do you have more questions or are you unsure about getting vaccinated? Contact your doctor or pharmacist Surf to Call the information number +32 71 33 78 19 Dr. Christian Huvelle Regional Health Inspector 

This message is available in nearly 40 other languages at This message is available in nearly 40 other languages at

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