Invective and stigmatization have become the usual methods of the dominant media to make those who do not follow the right path and those
Live interview with Philippe Bobola, anthropologist, doctor in physical chemistry, biologist and Adlerian psychoanalyst. We are living in a new era, but the
COVID 20 The Categorical Imperative: RELIANCE A plea for an epistemological renewal of medical studies Online book written & coordinated by Florence PARENT and Fabienne GOOSET THE CRUCIFIXION
In 2060, Loghan Fortier finds the man who wrote Pax Dystopia, 40 years after the entire planet was put in a state of emergency
Walter Baeyens, essayist, develops a historical and systemic vision of the Covidian episode, without concession, with an assumed pessimism that makes him compare the
The strategy of most policy makers can be summed up in one sentence "I want to freak you out like a pinball to get

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