The propaganda of Chirec, a private hospital group (sites Delta, Braine-l'Alleud...), regarding vaccination, in a document that the management gives to its staff, and
So, in the early evening of the second day of August 2020, and we may still have, as you start reading this column -
"In the spring, what were you dreaming about,Old world closed like an orange,Make something change,And we met strangersLaughing at the angels".Jean Ferrat Last year, many
Advertising is a nuisance to us all. It invades every moment of our lives in various forms. Among these forms, some are more unbearable
"...the state of the planet is a problem and it is everyone's problem.We have all contributed to it in different ways and it is
Jean-Pierre Lebrun, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, former president of the International Freudian Association, is the author of several essays, including Un monde sans limite (Érès-poche,
Afewdays ago, I was quietly enjoying some delicious chocolates by the fire. Carelessly, I played with the red ribbon that surrounded the box, before
Our flyers are here, 30.000 to be distributed, everywhere: friends, family, bookshops, stores, events...Help us to make the free press known! Send an
"It is pitiful to hear the political and ethical authorities appeal to the responsibility of citizens after having inoculated them for years with an

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