Invitation to ARNAUD RUYSSEN to participate in a debate with BERNARD CRUTZEN

Dear Mr. Ruyssen,

You had doubts, you said so in a Facebook post a few days ago. This morning, however, on La Première, there was no doubt as to why Bernard Crutzen was not invited on the set. You also had no doubt that « This is not a conspiracy » does not « respect the deontological guidelines » required to be broadcast on RTBF.

That’s your opinion, I respect it. That’s why I propose a debate with Bernard Crutzen*, to put the cards on the table and discuss the documentary and your criticisms.

We look forward to hearing from you and trust that you will want to keep the information and debate alive.


Alexandre Penasse, editor-in-chief of Kairos newspaper

*If the latter should accept (the same proposal was sent to him).

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