Virus in the water, hello virus! Virus in the water, hello virus!When the clogged sky tumblesWith Belgium as a terminusThat everything is going to hell in a handbasketThe masks, the barrier gestures mutate into rags and hinged gestures. Virus in the water, hello virus!When with my arms I embrace the unknown Between tears and smiles in the mud No more contagion, no more distraught fear Where are you, the invisible and mad killer? Our lips no longer carry infection When mutual aid braves desolation. Virus in the water, hello virus!When I look at the immense river That my sweet country has becomeAnd all these presents that rain down Anonymous, friends, family, embraced You exist only in the media And you disappear in the center of the rubble. Virus to water, allo virusYou’ve turned into such a minus That it’s time for your orémus To fall off the curtain, end of focus! Marie-Ange Herman TOMORROW AND TODAY In February 1996 I wrote « Demain », one noon when I was work …

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