Virus in the water, hello virus!

Virus in the water, hello virus!
When the clogged sky tumbles
With Belgium as a terminus
That everything is going to hell in a handbasket
The masks, the barrier gestures mutate into rags and hinged gestures.

Virus in the water, hello virus!
When with my arms I embrace the unknown Between tears and smiles in the mud No more contagion, no more distraught fear Where are you, the invisible and mad killer? Our lips no longer carry infection When mutual aid braves desolation.

Virus in the water, hello virus!
When I look at the immense river That my sweet country has become
And all these presents that rain down Anonymous, friends, family, embraced You exist only in the media And you disappear in the center of the rubble.

Virus to water, allo virus
You’ve turned into such a minus That it’s time for your orémus To fall off the curtain, end of focus!

Marie-Ange Herman


In February 1996 I wrote « Demain », one noon when I was working at the CAFA (Centre d’Accompagnement et de Formation pour Adultes), a non-profit organization which depends on the CPAS of St Gilles. 

This text resonates and has resonated throughout the last 25 years and people have often returned to me, since then, that it speaks to them in the present. 

In early November 2020, at the beginning of the second lockdown (we had already been under curfew for almost a month), I wrote « Today ». This text echoes the first one. 

For my part, it is time to simply say « No » to the condemnable drifts and illegal and unethical decisions taken by our leaders in the context of the so-called health crisis, but which is, in fact, a profound democratic and social crisis. 

And as those who have inspired me since 2004 (the second call of the National Council of Resistance France) said, « To create is to resist, to resist is to create! » 


No one knows if it’s the wind or the storm
Which tomorrow will break over our heads
No one knows when the magma will arise
But it is certain, nobody will escape it 

Will it be the Apocalypse or the rebirth
In any case a return to the Essence
The world swells with money like a supernova
Emptying the heart of man of the values he loved 

Where are equity, creativity, solidarity?
These colors that man has buried
Fascinated by the strength and power
It precipitates into a deep decadence 

What pessimism and vain lamentations
Will say the ostrich soaked in crazy consumption
But how to ignore reality
When the consciousness is impregnated with it 

We will need strength and courage
To begin this new work 

We are building tomorrow today
Today is the day we save our destiny! 

Guy de Halleux (February 1996) 


Lightning rumbles in the sky
The clouds roll the drum
The mind clouded with all this bile
With which we are fed night and day 

Death prowls like a hyena
Our brains emptied, siphoned off,
Manipulated and embalmed
Where are you, breath of fresh air? 

Even this Christmas is gagged
All rituals de-ritualized
We are now set up, chosified,
Masked and soon marked! 

An example of domestication!
After the oxen, the sheep,
Here comes the homo domesticus
Can you feel the spike, the cactus? 

Winds and storms have risen
Such is the sad reality
The time is up
Refusing the denial of being. 

Let’s send the human breeders
Make a big trip to Mars
Let’s learn to reach out again
To leave this morbid farce 

Welcome home!

Guy de Halleux (November 3, 2020) 

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