« I sure hope I’m not the only one who puts love or freedom higher than health! »

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Interview with André Comte-Sponville * In the spring of 2020, you were one of the few francophone philosophers to come out of the woodwork. You mentioned the harmful role of the media in spreading fear of the virus and the power of experts in the political field. At the same time, you seemed to welcome the non-pharmaceutical measures taken by E mmanuel Macron. One year later, has your analysis changed? No. It seems to me that it is more shared today than it was then. I thought the fear was exaggerated. I always find it. The covid-19 pandemic was obviously a major health problem, but not at all unprecedented. The Black Death, in the 14th century, killed half of the European population in a few years (compared to much less than 1% for the covid). The Spanish flu in 1918–1919 killed about 50 million people worldwide (compared to just over 4 million now for covid). Asian and Hong Kong influenza in the 1950s and 1960s killed slightly less than covid-19, but because the population was m …

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