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We asked this question to two people who had experienced political and media coercion because they did not repeat the official line: « You have taken positions and made speeches that, since the beginning of Covid-19, did not fit into the official line of political and media discourse, what were the repercussions for you and what forms of pressure and censorship were applied?Louis Fouché and Jérémie Mercier explain. Christophe Nottet CENSORSHIP AND DEFAMATION LOUIS FOUCHÉ Hello, I am an intensive care physician. I was working in Marseille in the intensive care unit of the university hospital. In the imperfect tense because I am now on legal leave of absence from the hospital civil service, a kind of unpaid leave. By choice, because I am now convinced that our system is collapsing before our eyes and that we must act to create a desirable « tomorrow » together. I have the honor of being one of the diplomats for a collective of doctors, caregivers, scientists, researchers, artists an …

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