At the heart of a Brussels vaccination center

Black&Light We were contacted by an interim employee of a vaccination center who wanted to witness the inner reality. Free and informed consent, type of audience, colleagues, patient attitudes… a different discourse than the one allowed. How did you come to work in a vaccination center? I was kicked out because I come from a sector that was heavily affected by the Covid crisis. I lost my job, I bounced from temp assignment to temp assignment. At the end of 2020, beginning of 2021, it was very complicated because there were really few jobs available. For six months, I searched without finding much. At the beginning of April, I saw the advertisement to work in the center: it was close to my home and well paid. So I accepted, even though I was against the idea of working in this kind of environment, because I am not inoculated and I look at other media. Why did I do it? Because I needed a job… I was going crazy: I had been unemployed for six months, sitting at home watching …
  1. Voir « Covid-1984, la vision d’un philosophe sur la période actuelle »,, et « Penser le totalitarisme »,
  2. Commission Communaire Commune, organisme public qui intervient en région bruxelloise dans les domaines de l’aide aux personnes et de la santé.

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