Complaint against the French law on Health Pass

Guillaume Zambrano, lecturer in private law at the University of Nîmes, has launched a collective application to the European Court of Human Rights. He denounces the state of exception validated by the justice system which did not play its role of counter power. What is happening right now is extremely serious. 

Since July 22, 2021, a complaint against the French law on the Health Pass before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has been opened on the website. We are already 20,000, but the goal is to saturate the Court. Initially, the main goal is to send more complaints to the ECHR every day than it can reject. Our legal arguments against the Sanitary Pass are well founded. But they will never be listened to unless we force our way in to the judges. Filing a complaint is easy, fast and totally free. As long as the French law is not repealed, any person to whom this law can potentially be applied has the legal right to file a complaint, without any risk to him or her. We need the support of all those who still want to defend the idea of Freedom in Europe. Log on to simply fill out a form, print, sign and mail. Any person can do this, even if he or she is not French, even if he or she does not reside in France, even if he or she has not reached the age of majority. There are already 20,000 of us, we need many more to force the Court to judge this shameful law 

The European Court of Human Rights was created in 1950 to prevent the repetition of the legal tyranny of the majority over minorities, to remind that a government cannot do everything and must respect fundamental principles that are above the law. Until now, the Justice has not played its role of counter-power and like the rest of the population, it has validated the state of exception to face an epidemic crisis. What is happening is very serious. We have European governments using the epidemic crisis to obtain exceptional powers, which would be against the law in normal times. We have European governments that incite the majority population to persecute a minority that claims a simple right: the right to freely dispose of one’s body and to consent to the medical act. Information about the side effects of vaccines is censored. Opponents are censored and publicly insulted. The right to come and go, to work, to go to the hospital, to go to school, to have leisure activities: everything disappeared overnight. Under the pretext of a crisis resulting from the saturation of intensive care services, and even as the policy of cutting beds continued, Mr. Macron’s government stole the rights of its people, and replaced them with privileges that can only be retrieved by presenting a QR code. Those who do not agree to submit to experimental gene therapy have become second-class citizens, deprived of their salary, insulted by the media, despised by their relatives. Our citizens have been terrorized and hypnotized by what looks like a shock strategy to make them accept a new normality, where the most elementary fundamental rights no longer exist. A huge machine has been set in motion to gain acceptance in Europe for government by social credit and discrimination against dissidents(1).

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