Island of resistance on the Picardy coast

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Chanic It’s a charming village, half of which is populated by Picards and the other half by seasonal workers. The latter have had ties there for years and the Belgians are there in large numbers. The signatories of this document are part of it. Since the March 2020 municipal elections, a new majority has been elected with a large majority of votes and a high voter turnout, over 70%. This first sign of originality contrasts with the results obtained on the run in most of the French communes where the elections were marked by a record abstention. This majority has placed a new mayor at its head and defends within a non-aligned political association a very dynamic approach with ecological and social values. The mayor and his team are following a long period of stagnation and disengagement with a majority that, for two terms, anaesthetized the lifeblood of this former fishing port, once important, whose tide gauge transported fish directly to Paris. Following the decline of fis …

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