On 14 April, during the last government press conference, I asked Alexander De Croo this question: " I would like to broaden the debate a
I am going to deliberately and joyfully nail the beak to all this jumble of degôches, progressives and frileux well-thinkers who spread anathemas and
On April 10, we received this letter: " Dear Kairos, It's been a few days since I got back on my social networks, after
The Order of Physicians in Belgium identifies itself with the preservation of the image of the physician in society.His work is aimed at ensuring
In his masterpiece "1984", George Orwell describes a world, which looks more and more like the one we are heading towards. There must not be
This text extends the debate on medical and health care decision making that was initiated around Evidence-based-medicine (EBM) with the white paper entitled: "
Lawyer Michael Verstraeten, whom we recently interviewed, has sent a letter to the League for Human Rights. He considers the latter in total contradiction,
Bars, clubs and taverns in agony: photos from Brussels.
Bars, clubs and taverns in agony: photos from Brussels.
We received this text from a soldier, denouncing the impossibility in our societies to express what one feels and to be heard, without being
Kairos offers you this great debate, in which those who have been making the covid weather for more than a year have refused to
The psychoanalyst and philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis distinguished during his lifetime between two ancestral projects at stake in humanity: the process of autonomy and that
It's been more than a year since the socio-political crisis covid-19 fell on us. I do not use the term health crisis because its

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