Vaccine containment of minds

What is happening today before our eyes is the result of months of propaganda, facilitated by a blind belief in Science, vaccination, and the refusal to take into account the reality on the ground. Propaganda which, if it had not taken place and would have been replaced by real debates, would not have led to the reality that we know today. Here we look back at some of the ways in which we have been preparing minds for consent for over a year. 

While young and healthy people are being summoned for vaccinations(1) the Prime Minister is on the verge of a vaccine injunction in a press conference(2) — These are more like the boards of directors of multinational pharmaceutical companies than places where the people are informed of political decisions(3) The National Children’s Bureau sends « I’m Vaccinated » signs to be « placed in a visible location » at health care providers;

That the military will have to be vaccinated if they still want to go on mission; that in the police, in some police stations, vaccinated colleagues are « on file » in the planning; that guilt is the relational mark between generations in the New Covidian World; that pressure is put on the police and the military to control people in quarantine; that the Walloon-Brussels Federation is joining the European Vaccination Week headed by the WHO 

That the unions complain about the lack of vaccine doses for their teachers; that the media have been instilling this structural fear for over a year(4)their figures of contaminated being most often followed by a subject on vaccines, creating a form of association poison/antidote; that the vaccinated obtain gradually privileges(5)despite the blatant lies of the Prime Minister(6) Vaccine propaganda is being used in children’s literature. 

That the government attach an insert to the vaccine invitation that states  » When more people are vaccinated and the virus circulates less, the measures can be relaxed « ; when all publications dealing with vaccines in a different way are systematically censored, even those by scientific or medical personalities(7) that the advertising propaganda system provides its furniture to advertise vaccines; that the Decaux billboards are transformed into propaganda associating vaccination and a return to « normal » life. 

Whether Jacques Mercier or Helmut Lotti use their relative fame to be the hucksters of Big Pharma(8).

When the media introduce, first insidiously, then explicitly, the idea of vaccinating children…

When we slyly go down the age pyramid to arrive at the obligation to vaccinate newborns. When pregnant women are « invited » to receive a vaccine.

When we speak of choice while evoking a « pandemic of non-vaccinated » (cf. press conference of September 17, 2021), of freedom when we consider that those who refuse the vaccine are selfish and put people’s lives in danger (idem); when we refuse to allow those who are not vaccinated to enter a party.

Information to access « Un air de fête », in Andenne (since modified). 

That the media feigns debate, but actually prepares minds for social segregation. 

That the « social » networks set themselves up as holders of the truth, censor those who do not subscribe to them, while they are partly financed by pharmaceutical multinationals, and collaborate with governments, which do the same thing. 

When the agreement to be injected with the first and second dose viciously allows to generate automatic obedience and to lead the subject to accept the third dose (and the fourth, fifth…).

That a group of psychologists use their theoretical knowledge of the mechanisms of mass manipulation to advise the government so that the population accepts vaccination and the Covid Safety Pass. In short: that experts tell politicians how to lie to the masses to achieve their ends. 

Report 34:« Are measures still supported in the different regions? » The Motivation Barometer. Authors: Olivier Klein, Olivier Luminet, Sofie Morbée, Mathias Schmitz, Omer Van Den Bergh, Pascaline Van Oost, Marteen Vansteenkiste, Joachim Waterschoot, Vincent Yzerbyt 

When you attract young people by bringing DJs to a vaccination center.(9)

When we « exclude for life » those who create a work in order to provoke reflection.

When everything that does not fit into the official discourse is systematically hidden, denigrated, censored… 

When a journalist is forbidden for months to enter a press conference because he asked a « politically biased » question (according to Wilmès(10)).

What does « vaccine freedom » or « free and informed consent » mean anymore? What does freedom still mean? 

And how can those who denounce this situation be called conspirators? 

The obligation is the choice

Constraint is freedom

Darkness is light

Ignorance is thought

It is inevitable to ask the question: »  And if all this incomprehensible sanitary management, not to say catastrophic, had only been orchestrated to reach this point: to vaccinate the world population « (11)

We have the answer.

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