Our children cannot be guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry

GRAPPE press release of May 18, 2021

The campaign to promote widespread vaccination against Covid-19 is intensifying at the cost of the most elementary caution regarding its potential consequences for public health.

There are more and more messages urging children to be vaccinated. Thus, we learn that the German Medical Association recommends mandatory vaccination for children from kindergarten onwards from the start of the school year 2021–2022.

We believe that it is time to appeal to the Belgian Health Authorities and the government to be reasonable.

First, it should be noted that the vaccines currently being administered to adults are experimental vaccines for which Phase 3 clinical trials are underway. This explains why these vaccines have only been granted provisional marketing authorization to date. In other words, everyone who gets vaccinated today is, for the most part, unknowingly participating in a world-class testing campaign.

The reality today is that many questions remain unanswered and scientifically supported as to the safety, efficacy and even usefulness of vaccinating against covid as it is already widely practiced.

On the safety of vaccines.

  • The risks of life-threatening coagulopathy, which are already recorded in the United States in the VAERS adverse event reporting system and in its European equivalent, Eudravigilance, have been wrongly minimized by health authorities.
    As early as March 10, the association « Doctors for covid ethics » questioned the EMA (European Medicines Agency) on this subject in vain and demanded the withdrawal of approval for the use of genetic vaccines, all of which are implicated(1).
  • There is also credible evidence that these same vaccines may affect fertility, pregnancy and reproduction. At the very least, a thorough investigation of this issue should be conducted before taking the risk of sterilizing an entire generation(2).
  • Finally, there is another potentially devastating effect of vaccination, immune evasion, which results in the creation of mutants that have two potential effects, to infect a younger population and to cause more deaths than would otherwise occur in the absence of vaccination(3),(4).

On the effectiveness of vaccines

It is known that, at least for the initial strain of the virus and the first variants that appeared, the risk of serious covid for young people and even more for children is very low. The essential criterion of effectiveness would therefore be the reduction of the transmission of the virus by infected persons.

However, the trials implemented by vaccine producers were not designed to measure the reduction of transmission risk(5). It is therefore not known whether vaccines prevent or significantly reduce this transmission.

Furthermore, while it is hoped that the majority of those vaccinated will recover without sequelae, it is not possible to predict how many will develop delayed immune pathology.

Contrary to the optimistic statements of most of the most publicized experts, there is no certainty that current vaccines are really effective.

On the usefulness of vaccines.

The risk of mortality from Covid 19 for children is about 0.002%. It is therefore totally unjustified to vaccinate children and even adolescents against a disease that does not threaten them.

Unless we consider that it is morally acceptable to make children play the role of guinea pigs, without them being able to expect any benefit for their health, we declare that the vaccination of children against Covid 19 must be proscribed and that it is the duty of parents to refuse it

For the Grappe
Pierre Stein, President
Paul Lannoye, Ph.D. in physical sciences

Grappe ASBL — Rue Raymond Noël 100 — 170 Bois de Villers
081 23 09 69
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