The Health Police

In his masterpiece « 1984 », George Orwell describes a world, which looks more and more like the one we are heading towards.

There must not be many people left who sincerely believe that we are in a real democracy, if we ever were: particracy is the end of democracy, not its condition. Only the drawing of lots gives a real, moving and free image of a population.

In this dictatorship, truth is embodied in a Ministry of Truth, namely our Executive, which has stifled Justice, which can hardly resist it, and Parliament, which votes as the Executive asks. Miracle of the particracy, relayed by the subsidized media. The Soviets, by reading Pravda or listening to Radio Moscow, knew that it was only propaganda.

The Ministry of Truth is never more than a small part of the Great World Conspiracy, as seen by James Bond’s anti-hero, Mr. Klaus Schwab, the Moses of the Great Reset. The Sarastro of the Night of the New World Order, of the Ordo ab Chaos.

This same Ministry of Truth can count on efficient relays, including the Belgian Order of Physicians. Shamelessly, the latter goes far beyond his domain, the ethics. In 2021, he establishes himself as the vestal of what he nicely calls the « scientific consensus », taking shelter in a very pathetic way, behind the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium, and also, on Sciensano. The WHO has become the subsidiary of the Vil Gates/Rockefeller family gangsters, probably a little too conspicuous to serve as a neutral and credible reference.

It is therefore interesting to look at Sciensano, which is enthroned over the notion of « health » in this country, and serves as the legitimacy of our dear Government. Need we remind you that the latter was condemned on March 31 for having trampled for more than a year both the Law and the Constitution? And let it continue!
The pantalonnade of masks, the ban on hydroxychloroquine, and more broadly the ban on any serious treatment of COVID 19 have allowed the destruction of the social fabric, a major economic crisis and the sacrifice of youth. Waiting for better…

An admirable result that could not have been achieved if the Government had not benefited from a « guarantee » in the political and administrative-scientific machinery that constitutes Sciensano.

This noble institution is totally controlled by the government, which makes and breaks its directors at will. So, « the voice of his master ». Normal; it was directed by a veterinarian known for his great abilities in human virology. However, it seems that the latter did not give all satisfaction and had to be replaced. It was done by Mr. Christian Léonard.

As a physician, I questioned Professor Leonard about the precise composition of the vaccines that are being put into circulation and which the government and the Medical Association consider to be the only appropriate response to this new plague, which causes between 0.05% and 0.15% of deaths… even on the basis of distorted statistics and scientific literature, now completely directed by Big Pharma.

Prof. Leonard informed me by registered letter that my question was impertinent. The end of his letter in response to my question is a mixture of civil servant baloney and paternalistic contempt, all wrapped up in an atmosphere of open secret.

Here is the end of his letter; the preceding paragraphs being totally uninteresting, written in apparatchik style, with circular reasoning and references, all of which seems to be the norm at Sciensano.


Es far as the precise composition of these vaccines is concerned, I do not see how this information - very technical and partly secret - could help to « shed light enlightenment « of the patient’s consent. It seems to me that you are at the forefront of promoting the patient’s health literacy and giving form and content to their informed consent, referring them to a scientific site would not seem to me to be in line with medical ethics.
Finally, with regard to my relations with the Royal Academies of Medicine and Science,
I am afraid that you are not sufficiently informed about our agreements to express your opinion in this regard. (…)

In a French that he masters as badly as his nerves, he lets us see… that he doesn’t want to let us see anything. Professor Leonard is not interested in the respect of the law. It is true that he is not a doctor, fortunately.

But let’s not forget that we are here in a branch of the Ministry of Truth…

Professor Leonard disregards the 2002 patient rights laws that require physicians to answer a set of questions to obtain informed consent from the patient. Among these questions: the benefit and side effects of the proposed treatment. As this is « highly technical and partly secret » information, doctors and patients will have to make do with the certainties of Big Pharma and its local representative, Sciensano. This is very reassuring…

Especially those who have had the good fortune to benefit from Astra Zeneca’s little marvel, brought to life by our government and its Sciensano machinery.
Cheers, vaccinated ladies and gentlemen!

It is not clear that the beneficiaries of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s eagerness will have much to cheer about in the months and years ahead. In any case, they will be entitled to new « vaccinations » since the Indian variants are already beyond the reach of the protection, supposedly granted by the first round of vaccinations.

Professor Leonard is unaware of his great talent as a public entertainer in this sinister farce. Just like the Government that hides behind Sciensano, which tries to hide behind the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium, … which constantly denounces the opacity of Sciensano’s operations.

The now obvious role of Professor Leonard (the only transparent thing in Sciensano) is to erect between the vulgar public, medical or not, thick screens woven in the fabric of « agreements » and « secrets ».

This is the respectable institution behind which, unfortunately, also doctors are hiding, who voluntarily or involuntarily become the loudspeakers of what can only be called an Inquisition, with its pyres for those who would dare to challenge the Ministry of Truth.

Orwell had named the armed wing of the latter: the « Thought Police ».
In harmonious tandem with the Order, here comes back the Committee of Public Safety of 1793, with its armed arm, the Prosecutor Fouquier-Tainville: « The Republic does not need scientists ». The Prosecutor Fouquier-Tainville was thus a precursor of the « scientific consensus »: he was himself executed in 1795.

All this makes a lot of sense, historically speaking. It should be noted, however, that in order to achieve such results, it was necessary to have the active and lasting complicity of an actor who is usually spared: the voter. The latter must also remember its overwhelming share of responsibility for the current disaster.

In 2021, the Ministry of Truth has a « Health Police »: Sciensano.

There is nothing surprising in that, Professor Leonard is not a doctor, not even a scientist. He is a trained cop.

Someone who knows how to obey and be obeyed… An excellent choice by the government.

Doctor Yves Couvreur

Member of Réinfocovid

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