Sickness of Order

The Order of Physicians in Belgium identifies itself with the preservation of the image of the physician in society.
His work is aimed at ensuring that the community of physicians maintains a dignity and rectitude that allows the patient to have complete confidence in the intimate doctor-patient dialogue.

It should be noted, however, that medicine claims to be the « Art of Healing », which is quite different from a preventive policy, which was nevertheless the basis for the significant increase in life expectancy, and this, before the era of curative medicine. The absence of war, famine, social hygiene, … these are the main factors of the increase in life expectancy.

It is difficult to distinguish between the share of this increase due to preventive medicine and the share due to curative medicine.
This work should be done: the patient is also a taxpayer.

To return to the College of Physicians, it is there to guarantee to the patient that the physician practices his art in complete freedom, and with the exclusive perspective of the good of the patient. This doctor-patient relationship must be considered unique, infinitely precious. Any interference with it must be carefully weighed and limited. A legalistic approach is that restrictions on individual freedoms for the benefit of the group must be clearly defined and limited in time.

However, since the beginning of 2020, the Belgian State has arrogated to itself, under the guise of protecting the population, unconstitutional tools, which was moreover recognized as such by the summary judgment of 31 March 2021.

The College of Physicians, which has always identified itself as the protector of therapeutic freedom, has unfortunately chosen to follow the lead of the State, by inserting itself more and more between the physician and his patient. He is now the guardian of the medical profession’s obedience to scientific guidelines, or those that claim to be scientific.

Between the instructions of social distancing, compulsory masks, supposed lack of effective treatment against COVID 19, lock down in partial reopening, brutal suppression of the distribution of hydroxychloroquine and then its discreet reintroduction, … in this non-exhaustive list of comings and goings, it is impossible to find a « truth ».
The College substitutes the notion of « scientific consensus » for this. By definition, science is the enemy of « consensus », because it must be systematically questioned.

Faced with this abysmal incoherence, and the authoritarianism of government measures, how can we be surprised that the Order of Physicians, like the government, can only find a solution in a « vaccine » whose experimental nature is confirmed by the pharmaceutical companies themselves? However, this experimental nature is only legally acceptable if there is no treatment for patients with COVID-19, which is strictly false.

Obviously, the decades-long reduction in the number of acute care beds is a major factor in the congestion of intensive care units; the deliberate pretence that there is no treatment reduces the medical profession to practicing only symptomatic treatments, which bring many patients to intensive care when they could have been properly treated in the city.

The Plan is therefore there, effective, to muzzle the population.

This justification found by the government, by governments, for all these illegal or unconstitutional measures is based on the congestion of acute beds, which is therefore pure and simple dishonesty. Mr. Vandenbroucke has always had a serious deficit in his normal relationship with honesty.

It is strange that the College approves, without any reservation, measures that are both medically and legally questionable. Where does its official policy of medical freedom remain?

One could imagine that the Order, in the face of this social chaos, would seek to help all physicians to enable them to practice optimally. This is not the case.

Personally, I have questioned the College of Physicians on several occasions since January 2021 on specific points for which I have never received an answer. To know:

  1. The College’s position on treatment options.
  2. The Order’s position on compliance with the 2002 legislation on patients’ rights, which requires that the advantages and disadvantages of a particular medical attitude be specified.
  3. The College’s position on insurability during « vaccination » given the experimental nature of the procedure. This insurability concerns both patients and practitioners.
  4. The College’s position on accurate, independent chemical analysis of vaccine composition. That is to say, outside Sciensano, whose director has a central training of gendarme and military, and very incidentally of administrative of medicine. I received a surprising letter from the Director himself. Obviously placed there for his ability to give and receive orders.

To all of these questions, the College « responds » in a stereotypical way, only with intimidation. Some colleagues have been suspended for 6 months for having expressed doubts about the usefulness and harmlessness of « vaccines », others have been heard for « conspiracy », others again for having called, on social networks, for « civil disobedience », which seems almost a duty, given the government’s contempt for democracy. Justice confirms this assertion. Duly noted!
Freedom of expression is a constitutional right; it can only be curtailed under very specific conditions, and certainly not in the name of mere « ethics ».

The Order, on the one hand, systematically adopts the authoritarian postures of the government and the questionable postures of big Pharma, but at the same time, refuses to clarify its positions to physicians.
On the contrary, the Order fiercely pursues all those who exercise their therapeutic freedom, in the full sense of the word. That is, physicians who wish to inform and treat their patients fairly, and perhaps even just comply with the 2002 laws.

Indeed, physicians who practice vaccination without clearly explaining that they are unable to assess the benefits and risks of vaccination are, in fact, illegal.

The Order is therefore an ally of illegal colleagues and is committed to silencing all those who want to respect their patients, the law, their conscience, their freedom and the Hippocratic Oath.

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