Call to join the network of resistance to hygienic totalitarianism

May 28, 2021 Grappe press release

The management of the sanitary crisis of the Covid-19 was concretized by the adoption as well by the European Union as by the political authorities of our country of an arsenal of liberticide, police and antisocial measures, humanly destructive and ignoring the ecological balances.

One year after the start of the pandemic, everything seems to be in place to perpetuate an increasingly unbearable and politically devastating situation.

« For our own good », we are obliged to install ourselves in a society of social control and integral surveillance where the norm will be to live masked, vaccinated regularly and deprived of contact with our fellow human beings except through the screen.

We do not accept this unprecedented societal coup d’état, even if it is endorsed by political parties increasingly disconnected from reality and submitted to an authoritarian, arrogant and sectarian techno-scientist clergy.

Noting the disarray and even despair of many of our fellow citizens, we believe that the time has come to enter into resistance and to constitute a network of associations and citizens determined to oppose by all legitimate and non-violent means the measures that are taken against the fundamental and social rights guaranteed by the Belgian Constitution, the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and the international treaties

We want the world after not to be the world before, only worse, with Big Data, Big Pharma and big distribution at the helm.

We want a world that is more just, more human, more responsible, and finally respectful of the living world and ecological balances.

We want our children and grandchildren to be able to live and develop as responsible people in a peaceful and healthy ecological and social environment.

In this perspective, we already propose to challenge before any relevant jurisdiction the European regulation establishing a Covid digital certificate and the Belgian pandemic bill that will probably be adopted very soon.

The associations and personalities who signed this appeal

Grappe ASBL (Group of Reflection and Action for an Ecological Policy)
Paul Lannoye
Martine Dardenne
Pierre Stein

Citizen Initiative
Marie-Rose Cavalier
Muriel Desclée
Sophie Meulemans

Belgians wake up
Citizens’ Collective

Our Good Law ASBL
Isabelle Duchateau
Stella Stellina
Benoît Clarembeau

Aryan Afzalian, PhD in Applied Sciences, researcher in nano- and bio-electronics
Fatiha Aït Saïd, naturopath
Eric Beeth, Doctor of Medicine
Jean-Philippe Body, teacher
Denis Brusselmans, lawyer specialized in urban planning and environment
Baudouin Caironi, doctor of medicine
Fabian Coomans, pianist, composer
Patrick Coomans de Brachène, doctor in human medicine and homeopathy
Corine Dehaes, philologist, teacher
Marie-Françoise Dozot, citizen
Yves Gailliez, doctor of medicine
Nicole Gaand, nurse
Françoise Gilboux, retired social worker.
Dr Frédéric Goaréguer, child psychiatrist
Bernadette Goethals, citizen
Bernadette Grosdent, retired dentist
Antoinette Jeanson, citizen
Bernard Jeanson, retired citizen
Nathalie Jeanson, kinesiologist
Alain Jossart, social worker
Judith Hertsens, retired parliamentary secretary and translator
Michel Heine, science teacher
Geneviève Hilgers, historian
Christian La Grange, retired interior designer
Viviane Lardinois, biologist
Cécile Laruelle, animator, youth sector employee
Francis Leboutte, chemical civil engineer and engineer. civilian computer scientist
Bernard Legros, teacher
Vincent Marneffe, neurosurgeon
Véronique Mathy, Kinesiologist
Jean Mergelsberg, basket maker and beekeeper
Céline Meurice, Director of the Sprimont Cultural Center
Emmanuel Mignolet, PhD in biochemistry
Bénédicte Moon, citizen
Amélie Neuforge, retired teacher
Christine Pagnoulle, translator
Joëlle Ricour, lawyer
Philippe Rifflart, logistics worker
Sylviane Roncins, family therapist
Yvette Sepulchre, citizen
Jenny Sibille, retired citizen
Agnès Tamignaux, retired teacher and musician
Valérie Tilman, philosopher, teacher
Delphine Ullens, energy advisor
Rodrigue Ullens, entrepreneur
Bénédicte Van der Heyden, citizen
Thierry Vanderlinden, lawyer
Daniel Zink, philosopher
Jean-Christophe Yu, filmmaker

For the Grappe ASBL

Pierre Stein, President
Martine Dardenne, Honorary Senator
Paul Lannoye, founding member

Grappe ASBL- Rue Raymond Noël 100 5170 Bois de Villers tel 081 23 09 69

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