I am going to deliberately and joyfully nail the beak to all this jumble of degôches, progressives and frileux well-thinkers who spread anathemas and insults of a racist nature against these few dozens of angry kids who, on this famous Saturday, March 13th, made a formidable and salutary mess in my good old city of Liège, rightly, in this case, reputed to be ardent. Of course, and to put on a good face, I must regret that some policemen had to suffer from this sudden outburst of anger, the causes of which will never be perfectly clarified, I think. Still, when you enter the quarry, you should know that it’s not just to regulate traffic, whether in Place Saint-Lambert or elsewhere. The job of a policeman, today, is inseparable from that of an actor in the maintenance of order (of what order, it’s up to each and everyone to appreciate the matter; for my part, I won’t surprise anyone by saying that it’s the capitalist and bourgeois order that has dominated everywhere for a few hundred y …

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