Capitalism and health crisis

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The psychoanalyst and philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis distinguished during his lifetime between two ancestral projects at stake in humanity: the process of autonomy and that of rational control. Capitalism has long since disguised the former by making the enjoyment of the commodity a demonstration of the freedom of the subject. The second is similar to the implementation of a fantasy of global control of nature and man by man. All indications are that the management of the pandemic is reinforcing the « psychic processes » of capitalism. Small overview. Modernity exhausts the great ideals(1); disinvestment of the transcendent aspect of the existence and disenchantment of the world swell so much and more since the beginning of the health crisis. While instrumental reason was already imposing itself on our consciences, it is now taking on even greater scope. It was in the interest of economic performance that it was used to make major budget cuts in a sector — that of care — conside …
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