Who leads us?

On 14 April, during the last government press conference, I asked Alexander De Croo this question:

 » I would like to broaden the debate a little with regard to the ideological ties that may justify certain decisions… So, Mr. De Croo, Alexandre Penasse for Kairos You were a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and recently gave a video conference with Klaus Schwab, President and founder of the Forum. It is Klaus Schwab who predicts that 80% of the hotel and catering industry will not recover from covid, who also says that the poor will be much poorer after covid, who also says that nobody will be safe until the world is vaccinated, whereas the results in the countries that have vaccinated, it should be discussed, the countries that have vaccinated massively like Brazil, Chile or Israel show its little effectiveness, its effects on the variants and the risk on health Some say that we are in an experimental phase and that we are ultimately guinea pigs, but that can be discussed again… My question is: « What does Klaus Schwab mean to you, Mr. De Croo, and how do the ideas of the World Economic Forum influence the political decisions you make? »  »

De Croo’s answer:

 » In no way. We make our decisions based on scientific assessments, as I said, on what we feel and what we think, are prudent and realistic decisions, and these are the decisions we have made « .

No need to say more. The lie is enough.

The images too. 

In the meantime, watch TV, Ministry of Propaganda, their truth office:

« No one should celebrate Christmas alone tonight. At 6pm, 11 million of us will celebrate Christmas in front of our television. By watching you too, you will give light and warmth to others. » 

We are caught up in the show(1). As Guy Debord used to say, TV brings together the separated, and it is in this sense that the media atomize us.

Turn off your TVs. 

George Orwell:

« For it is only by reconciling contradictions that one keeps power indefinitely. The endless cycle could not be broken otherwise. If equality between men is to be outlawed forever, if the upper class, as it has been called, wants to retain its supremacy, then the prevailing mood must be one of controlled insanity. » 

Let’s not be afraid to be alone… 1+1+1…

« Belonging to a minority, even if it is only one person, does not make you crazy. There is truth and untruth, and if you hold on to the truth against all odds, you are not crazy. » 

Notes et références
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