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It’s been more than a year since the socio-political crisis covid-19 fell on us. I do not use the term health crisis because its magnitude does not justify this term. Although surprised at first, the hospitals were never overwhelmed, although, working on a tight schedule, a flick of the wrist would have been enough to send them into chaos. Of course, with a delay, hospitals were emptied to make room. But the hospitals remained empty, leaving all those who were suffering from something else, because yes, it was then re-discovered that the health needs are much larger than covid. Apparently some people still don’t get it. On the other hand, fear was present, an unreasoned fear, aroused, amplified, maintained by a political-scientific-media agreement (PSM) with a totalitarian character, in the sense that it introduces itself, under an insistent and infantilizing form, in all the aspects of our daily life, intimate, private, social, economic. Haven’t we seen curious « experts » explaining to …

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