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It’s been more than a year since the socio-political crisis covid-19 fell on us. I do not use the term health crisis because its magnitude does not justify this term. Although surprised at first, the hospitals were never overwhelmed, although, working on a tight schedule, a flick of the wrist would have been enough to send them into chaos. Of course, with a delay, hospitals were emptied to make room. But the hospitals remained empty, leaving all those who were suffering from something else, because yes, it was then re-discovered that the health needs are much larger than covid. Apparently some people still don’t get it. On the other hand, fear was present, an unreasoned fear, aroused, amplified, maintained by a political-scientific-media agreement (PSM) with a totalitarian character, in the sense that it introduces itself, under an insistent and infantilizing form, in all the aspects of our daily life, intimate, private, social, economic. Haven’t we seen curious « experts » explaining to us how to use our toilets, make love, beware of our dangerous children, … Beware of those who do not follow the heavy and passive progression of the herd, they are censured, sometimes even violated, condemned, imprisoned. It is in this that the term « totalitarian » is understood, it imposes itself in all our behaviors and our living spaces. The absurd is never far away. On the contrary, it has become a faithful companion on which we lean our fearful heads, sometimes, often, with eagerness. The absurdity. 


The current situation is not so unprecedented in history. This time, it uses on a large scale, for mercantile purposes, today the commodification of health, the new means of information, the social media, all the more powerful, as they have entered, with our consent, in our homes. 

To achieve this, trusts and agreements had to be built. That is the issue. The gafam are the trusts of our time, real intermediaries and arbitrators between the industry, in this case mainly bigpharma, and the MSP agreements. 

Referee of censorship, referee of good and evil, referee of right-thinking and science, referee of self-interest. 

The absurd is never far away. On the contrary, it has become a faithful companion on which we lean our fearful heads, sometimes, often, with eagerness. The absurdity.

So much so that the countries that have the means to do so, very voluntarily and successfully, their independence is at stake, are gradually escaping from their tentacles, e.g. China and Russia. These countries are offering us their own tentacles, and this goes hand in hand with the market share they are taking from us. The Silk Road is also a totalitarianism and in the coming years their media tentacles will also be ‘welcome’, I have no doubt. It simply means that we have become unable to control our future, to create our own living space. 


From a health point of view, how can we better summarize the incredible mystification we are confronted with by this recent example: one of the studies most often quoted to justify today the « all vaccine » of the SHP agreement in our countries, is a study published in this famous medical journal, the Lancet, at the beginning of May of this year, (yes, yes, the one of « Lancet-gate »). This published study concerns the benefits of vaccination in Israel, which, according to the authors, is 95.3% effective, better than the clinical trials of the firms themselves! When you read the section about interest links, about half of the authors unashamedly declare, and I quote:  » hold stock and stock options in Pfizer « . («  hold shares -stocket stock options at Pfizer  »). No, this is not a dream, the commodification of health at all levels is openly underway. We are in the real world. 

What is this real? 

That of the trusts that own our social media, the bigpharmas that sell our health, and the PSM of fear. Or the one we live day after day. Where is the reason: with the moralists who, out of fear of dying, want to lock us up with muzzles, bubbles, sanitary passes and other social control devices, or with those who, in order to live, open without hesitation doors and windows to look at the world and participate in life. And inevitably they escape from the tentacles of the SHP cartel, the trusts and the commodification of health, cracking the walls of our prison built by fear, which is all the more effective because it is not based on anything. I trust those. 

Really? Yes, really. 

Christophe de Brouwer, Honorary Professor at the School of Public Health 

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