Europe is in the process of changing its seed laws to harmonize them with those of the North American continent. The issue of this
On March 4, 2011, Federal Ministers Paul Magnette (Energy and Environment) and Laurette Onkelinx (Health) approved the field trial of genetically modified potatoes in
The trade union show can often generate the impression of an unconditional defense of employment, at the cost of nature, human freedom and social
The success of Tomorrow and the hopes placed in this film speak volumes about our profound difficulty in collectively inventing a new paradigm,
Time is running out and getting shorter and shorter. The extent and the nature of the crisis we are facing seems to be more
The first Rio Summit in 1992 was considered an extraordinary advance in human planetary consciousness. And yet... Even if many institutions around the world
For many years, scientists have been studying the deleterious effects of electromagnetic radiation on living beings. We wanted to take stock of the situation
The year 2013 has passed and with it the flood of sms messages sent from millions of cell phones around the world. From emails
MAP. PEASANT ACTION MOVEMENT a. The question is what is growing or shrinking. Infinite growth is, of course, a view of the mind; humor dislodges the practical
You will find in this file presentations of megacenters that already exist (in Mons) or that are in preparation (Verviers, Namur, Brussels), presentations made

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