[SERIE] Weekly #24: Subsidizing your taxes with the instruments of your submission

All is well in 2024, or so we hope, these are the early days… In the real world, however, there’s no room for wishful thinking. Because while we’re hoping, those who do are in Davos, preparing the future for you. And their plans will spill blood and tears. Some will say: what pessimism, it makes happen the reality it foretells. Wrong. It’s already here. What would make the Commission’s mother pimp say to herself in 2024: « Well, this year, I’ve decided to think differently, to be a woman of value and defend the common good, to reveal my little antics with Bourla ». In 2024, VDB will also reveal the contents of his e‑mails, which may help us to understand why the word vaccine had become iterative in his mouth since 2020. And at the same time, why not dream? Let’s be positive, 2024 will be the year of revelations about the Dutroux Affair, the Brabant killers, etc., the year when those who lie to us, steal from us, make us feel guilty… will confess to all their shenanigans.
Ah, to believe! Hope… When all you have to do is refuse to obey all those who obscure, censor and kill, and you’re free! Pessimism is the poor man’s hope; for the intellectual untainted by academic ideologies, pessimism is enlightened optimism. That’s what’s left when everything’s clogged up, when you feel like you’re shouting in the wilderness, when you’re told to see the positive in a landfill, while those who profit from the rot want only one thing: for you to focus your attention on these small cosmetic measures, while they continue their mass destruction. Bill Gates at the beer pump with De Croo at Belgium House in Davos, while behind the scenes DEME, Fluxys or Syensqo sign contracts, and prepare for the end of cash, the next pandemic or social credit. And all they want you to do is hold Gates at the beer pump, not wonder what’s going on behind the scenes.

Putting things into perspective, some might say! It’s true that when I fall asleep in a room at over 15 degrees, in clean sheets, feeling the comforting warmth of those I love… it’s not all bad. Bloody empathy, no, to imagine that not everyone is going through the same thing, that women, men and children are dying right now in Gaza, under fascist bombs. Fortunately, France is home to two Palestinian children. Some will say that we need to be positive, but that’s not enough: two is more than zero or one. But in February 2023, France had over 100,000 Ukrainian refugees on its territory. « Oh oh oh, what are you insinuating? What a comparison! », someone might say? It’s clear, no: governments don’t show solidarity, but select their refugees in a biased way, so not necessarily those most in need, but those who are most a weapon or political leverage. Ask the doctors or nurses at a public hospital in Brussels about the difference in socio-economic level between Syrian and Ukrainian refugees.
Fascism isn’t on the right, it’s in our governments. Govern and lie, and you’ll succeed in politics, be received by the power media. If, on top of that, you call anyone who doesn’t think like you a conspiracy theorist, then you’re in for a real treat. And you’ll be able to lie to yourself, saying every night as you fall asleep: « we’re in the least worst of all worlds ».
And the mass, it gets fatter, that’s its principle. Meanwhile, some are waiting for the savior: Trump… Trump… Trump… who will turn everything upside down. The messiah. They didn’t see that the power was in them, that sacrificing their lives a little for their ideas could awaken others. The potential for real change can only be measured by the ability of a sufficient number of people to say no, even if they think they’re the only ones saying it.
Many of those who first shouted « Kairos, Kairos, Kairos… » in protest, once the temporary health coup was over, have now gone on with their lives. This is normal. But tell me you weren’t just there for your rights? There was a feeling of revolt, a desire to unite against the madness of those who, under the pretext of governing us, are leading us to chaos by gorging themselves. There was a survival instinct, but also an altruistic instinct to save something other than oneself, right?
Those who hate the truth have called us extreme right-wing, anti-Semitic, transphobic. They’ve deprived us of the public money that enabled us to pay almost two full-time staff to keep you informed. Now, giving us nothing, they’ve increased the envelope for the others Wilfried, Médor, Imagine… They’ve shut down our YouTube channel because, according to them, we were endangering the lives of users, while ultra-violent channels or channels of grandiose stupidity remained open.
We could say that the insults didn’t affect us directly, that I could look at myself in the mirror, look at my children, knowing that I was doing good. Of course, I know who I am, and I abhor racism, intolerance, injustice and stupidity, just like everyone who works at Kairos. But these lies are not without effect: « backbiting, backbiting, there will always be something left »… Kairos proofreaders stopped because we had gone to cover the 100th Independent High Council in Saintes, and people were telling them it was an extreme right-wing rally. What then of the effect of these defamations on Kairos readers? It’s enough to stigmatize, to lie, to cast opprobrium, even if it’s a lie, for people to take fright. Fear of being equated with Kairos. But don’t you get it? Why do you think they use and abuse the term « conspiracy theorist », if not to discredit the adversary?
And you pay, with your taxes, for those who misinform and denigrate you every day.
Humanity will go on without Kairos, of course, but whether it’s for us or for other purveyors of reality that the media-political caste imposes on us, if this continues, one day there will be no more pebbles in their shoe. Then what Orwell predicted in 1984 will surely happen: « If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot trampling a human face… eternally. »

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