Faljaoui doesn’t always say « yes, yes ».

The director of Trends Tendances magazine is not what you’d call a source of inspiration or reference for Kairos… Every day of the week on RTBF, he distills the doxa and lies of the totalitarian society that’s being set up: finance, banking, industry, climate change, the war in Ukraine, etc.…

But from time to time, through inadvertence, hidden design, or perhaps a sudden burst of conscience, he says intelligent and fair things.

And since we at Kairos do not participate in the stigmatization and total rejection of those with whom we disagree, we are pleased to invite you to read these two edifying chronicles…

See here: https: //auvio.rtbf.be/media/chronique-economique-chronique-economique-3075689 and https://auvio.rtbf.be/media/chronique-economique-chronique-economique-3018999?autoplay=true

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