David Schiepers, KING LEE and Stefan Cuvelier, three enraged citizens of the world of culture testify on the current period, with humor, and seriousness.
Evacuating independent thought, imposing consensus, fact-fucking Recommendations of the MoLiPop Circle [Editor's Introduction:] The following text has crossed my imagination. But thinking about current "health" policies,
On December 7, 2020 water was listed on the American stock exchange operator Chicago Mercantile Exchange.The urgency to preserve water from privatization is undeniable
Interview with Patrick Jaulent, PhD in electronics, graduate of an American university, teacher, consultant and international speaker. He has written, among other things,
The new Kairos humor series, sometimes it is better to laugh at the absurd than to cry about it.*An original idea by David Schiepershttps://www.facebook.com/dilalytheatre

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