2) Resistant associations: Our Right, CovidRational, Children Health Defense, Reinfocovid

Resist: « from the Latin resistere, « not to advance » ».

It is not an empty word to evoke the resistance about the associations that have emerged or have intensified their fight since the beginning of 2020 and the entry into the unprecedented era of Covid-19. If in 1943, the National Council of the Resistance could count on the support of certain unions, media and political representatives, today it is against them and their odious propaganda that the resistance must be organized. For all of them, except for a few details(1)They follow the official narrative and participate in the great masquerade. 

The four organizations we met recognize that it is this false official narrative that has motivated them from the start to tell the truth and to act: resistance to the dominant discourse by offering other information; resistance to brain atrophy through fear, by defusing the hype of the figures and proposing to recreate links; resistance to attacks by proposing tools of defense, notably legal. 

The importance of this heterodox presence can be measured by what its absence would mean: a perfect ideological uniformity between the political-media power and the social body, a kind of dystopian Peace(2). In this one, the individual dissension has not yet disappeared, its dissolution is in progress, but all have already the impression that collectively it does not exist anymore, giving the illusion that it does not exist anymore. And for the power, this is the most important thing: that the dissidents shout alone in their corner, nobody hearing them and all thinking that they do not exist or no longer exist(3). The Truman Show version of 2021, where everyone plays the game and everyone gets caught up in it, and where the illusion of consensus becomes more important than the consensus itself — unattainable. Where the real dissidents are definitely alone, mentally locked in a protest that has no more escape in the real, because none of them is ready to take the risk of asking a neighbor if he « disagrees » with him. The end of the perception of public protest is the harbinger of the end of individual protest, and thus ultimately the death of collective revolt. 

This apparent absence of opposition would thus sign the apotheosis of the totalitarian deployment where power is no longer encumbered with safeguards, as Mattias Desmet, a clinical psychologist, told us(4). This explains the censorship in the « witch hunt » mode. To continue to shout in order to be heard above the media’s screams, is therefore to ensure that one retains a second voice, to offer an escape route, to leave a door open for those who wish to « stop moving forward » with the masses, who are heading towards the wall with the sound of their masters. To persist in saying that all this is not normal is to refuse their normative dictates, even though it is difficult to state the truth when most of them do not realize that they are living a lie. 

In the face of the official Covid narrative, some associations are helping and have helped tens of thousands of people. As we have seen that sanitary measures have been deployed according to the evolution of industrial vaccine production, it would be good to remember one of the measures included in the charter of the National Council of Resistance:  » the establishment of a true economic and social democracy, implying the eviction of the great economic and financial feudalities from the direction of the economy « . Since 1944, these feudalities have colonized all of our lives. Without Pfizer, GSK, AstraZeneca, Moderna…, political bodies in their own right, the real « decision-makers », with their puppets in governments as transmission belts for their interests, we would never have arrived where we are today. 

Some are here to keep telling us so. Thankfully. 

Alexandre Penasse

Notes et références
  1. À l’instar du PTB qui soutient la politique vaccinale, mais demandait que les brevets passent dans le domaine public, ou encore les syndicats enseignants qui exigeaient que leurs affiliés soient vaccinés en priorité.
  2. Voir l’interview de l’auteur de l’ouvrage Pax Dystopia: https://www. kairospresse.be/pax-dystopia/
  3. C’est ce qui explique les censures des réseaux sociaux, des médias, mais aussi les censures dont nous avons été l’objet en conférence de presse.
  4. Voir l’interview écrite https://www.kairospresse.be/les-mesures-contre-le-coronavirus-revelent-des-traits-totalitaires, et l’interview filmée du 3/11 : https://www.kairospresse.be/interview-de-mattias-desmet-psychologue-clinicien-a-luniversite-de-ghent
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