Evacuating independent thought, imposing consensus, fact-fucking

Recommendations of the MoLiPop Circle

[Editor’s Introduction:] The following text has crossed my imagination. But thinking about current « health » policies, one can ask oneself this question: have I not captured, in the world of the mind, ideas really thought by others? From a neoplatonic point of view, the hypothesis is defensible. Thus, this MoLiPop circle could exist (despite its stupid name). So, I communicate this text as it is; thus as it passed through my imagination, coming from a still unknown source…

Satirical text by Daniel Zink

[Introduction des auteurs hypothétiques] By its name, the MoLiPop Circle refers to three great personalities, three of our main inspirers: the father of the European Union Jean Monnet; the great journalist Walter Lippmann; the illustrious philosopher Karl Popper. We are a think tank gathering members of the free world’s elites, wishing to inspire the leaders of our societies. The following recommendations address the unprecedented opportunity presented by the coronavirus crisis. Opportunity partly exploited, but more needs to be done. To be disseminated only to the most civic-minded actors.

1. Putting an end to individual thinking

The WHO considers hesitation in the face of vaccination as one of the greatest threats to the health of humanity. 1 This is excellent, because hesitation in the face of institutional choices is necessarily a sign of a certain independent thinking, an activity that is by nature deleterious. But we must generalize the idea, denounce the risks that autonomous thinking poses to our world as a whole. Because this thinking is necessarily a source of fragmentation, when there is such a need for unity and solidarity, particularly in the face of the pandemic. So let’s present individual thought as something that can spread like a virus, a destructive infection. An act that goes exactly in this direction: talking  » epidemic of non-vaccinated « as Alexander De Croo did2 ; it is pleasing that this little phrase has spread all over the world, among politicians and the media (and let’s not see it as an epidemic of bullshit!)3 Let’s multiply such slogans!

2. Targeting the real adversaries

The most dangerous autonomous thinkers are those who are the most rigorous, the most nuanced: p. e.g. those who do not reject vaccines on principle, who do not trivialize a priori the danger of a virus, etc. They should be presented more systematically as only seeking to showcase themselves in the media. On the other hand, those who fall into sensationalist and exaggerated approaches are our unconscious allies; their speeches must be put forward and mixed with the words of our rigorous opponents, in order to discredit them by amalgams. (And when these exaggerated speeches are missing, let’s create them!). Let’s also reinforce the amalgams between opponents of health laws and the extreme right. Justified links, since refusing a vaccine p. e.g., is necessarily conservative, retrograde, anti-progress. Let’s throw out the slogan: « They start by refusing a vaccine, they’ll end by voting for a new Hitler! »

3. Impose a profitable consensus

What, above all, should be protected from individual thought? Consensus. Or rather, the choice of a consensus, and the one that will be the most profitable. For as Lippmann taught us, the vast majority of citizens are incapable of understanding reality; they live in visions of things that have very little to do with reality. The trick, then, is to shape these visions in such a way that they are profitable; this we can do mainly through the media 4. It is therefore a matter of forming and imposing our consensus, the only way to bring order to society, to preserve it from the chaos induced by the individual thoughts of the masses.

4. Clearly locate the sources of progress

To be convinced of the accuracy of this conception, it is enough to think of the projects promoted by our elites and their reception by the masses, as well as the ideas that often arouse the irrational sympathy of these masses. The progressive objectives all emanate from the elite of our countries: 5 and 6G, GMOs, industrial agriculture in general, nuclear power, wars ensuring the maintenance of our domination (and cleverly combined with humanitarian goals), etc. Before being re-educated, the masses are most often opposed to such programs and goals, due to archaic instincts. Moreover, a good part of these masses is distracted by backward-looking nostalgia: attraction for the products of peasant agriculture, interest in grandmotherly remedies or those of backward cultures, inclinations for education not supported by technology, etc.

5. Focus on the most current opportunities

Currently, particularly profitable goals include health choices that, while presenting themselves as solutions, promote the economy — or at least its best actors. (Our small elected politicians are probably not very conscious of this, but they follow the paths indicated by the big media, inspired by us). Specifically, these choices are the vaccine solution (so profitable to the health industry), confinements, telecommuting, etc. For as the founder and president of the World Economic Forum has pointed out, the virus is an opportunity to promote what he calls the fourth industrial revolution: robotization, widespread connection, the Internet of Things (thanks to 5G), the achievement of artificial intelligence 5. Indeed, the social distancing justified by a virus is a godsend, to promote those developments, which precisely favor this distancing (avoidance of proximity with colleagues thanks to videoconferencing, avoidance of the need for human workers thanks to robots…) Yet these developments are necessary for the further evolution and a truly rational management of our societies (we will come to that soon).

6. To make the Institutions reign

What, par excellence, carries and defends our consensus are our institutions — or our Institutions, with a capital « I ». (European Commission, Council of Europe…). As the great Jean Monnet said:  » A certain moral force must be imposed on all: it is that of the rules that common institutions secrete above individuals 6″. This superiority over individuals must be forcefully recognized in the media, in education and in the culture as a whole. Like the great Popper, let us advocate the development of « …institutions [pour] a social engineering (…) [pour] a rationalization of society, (…) a real planning controlled by reason 7″.

7. Not « conflicts of interest », but symbiosis!

To enforce our consensus, these institutions must be powerful. One of the conditions for achieving this power is collaboration with the most influential players, capable of buying many cooperators, especially scientists. We are making progress in this area, but we need to accelerate. The so-called health emergency is a godsend to end the notion of « conflict of interest ». It must be gradually replaced by positive expressions. First of all, it is good to talk, as Sophie Wilmès did, about the need for « privacy », as regards links with industry 8. But we will have to talk about the importance of collaboration, of partnerships. These lines from the New York Times, under the headline  » Bill Gates, Covid-19 and the Fight to Vaccinate the Planet, » point the way:  » The billionaire is working with the WHO, pharmaceutical groups and several NGOs to tame the coronavirus throughout the world, including in the poorest countries. Will they succeed? 9« Collaboration with pharmaceutical and other groups, partnership, and, one might say: symbiosis ; such a word must be arrived at.

8. Citizenship as faith in consensus.

A clear and determined concept of citizenship is needed. A citizen is one who has faith in the consensus of our institutions. The current crisis has taken us a long way in this direction, highlighting the supportive attitude of those who choose vaccination and the irresponsible and selfish attitude of others, as well as the deviant scientists who justify their choices. But more is needed: those who question the consensus must be properly characterized, up to the legal level; in addition to the qualification of conspiracy theorists, which is already well used, it must be recognized that they are negationists and revisionists; this concerns in particular anyone who has the idea of questioning the official figures of the victims of covid-19 10the number of contaminations, the effectiveness of PCR tests and vaccines and, of course, the number of victims of the latter (even if, according to some studies, their number is highly underestimated 11 (when serving progress and citizenship, one does not count; or one does not count anything) 12. The possibility will be given to reintegrate citizenship through deconstruction and rectification of erroneous visions. For this purpose, we will be able to found centers of permanent education, of intensive sensitization. Training courses of several years would be organized in these (closed) centers, on the highest plateaus of the Ardennes, p. e.g. the physical exercise of community work in nature and the fresh air of winter in particular would be a useful accompaniment to training, promoting a healthy mind in a healthy body.

9. Becoming fact-fuckers

In fact, as sketched above, one can go further than Lippmann. As Popper and his master Kant have shown, all knowledge is ultimately an illusion. The conclusion we must draw from this is that « facts » do not matter; and therefore we must put forward everything that justifies our consensus, and unabashedly disqualify the other « facts ». Here too, things are on the right track, but more can be done, e.g. fact-checking sites accomplish a lot; but all too often, one still finds in them certain forms of concern for the « facts » treated; this attitude must be overcome completely. Let’s take fact-checking to its logical conclusion by making it pure and simple fact-fucking! (And of course fact-marketing for our consensus). Let’s become unabashed fact-fuckers!

10. Managing consciousness, nature, the body, the people

It’s time to put an end to the main obstacles to progress. We must make people accept that it is the whole of things that must be managed by our institutions. Robert McNamara (former US Secretary of Defense) wrote:  » Vital decision making (…) must remain at the top of the (…) The real threat to democracy comes from (…) a lack of management (…) Sub-manage (…) is to let a force other than reason govern reality13. « Yes, it is the totality of reality that, from the heights of our societies, must be managed: all citizens and their consciences, nature, bodies, refractory peoples. The current crisis lends itself so well to the idea that nature as well as living bodies are reservoirs of viruses and bacteria, which shows the need for a right of direct intervention of our institutions in organisms (notably through vaccinations). The same goes for consciences, the current emergencies demonstrating the obligation of a unanimity of our big media. As for the other peoples, let’s think for example of the African countries that dared to disdain our vaccine offers… 14 (we have certainly got rid of some of those responsible 15). On the subject of nature again, let’s take inspiration from the WHO’s lists of global health threats, which contain mostly things from nature, viral diseases. Not a word, in these threats, fortunately, about pesticides, nuclear power, 5G, productivism, neocolonial wars…16 The management must be done with all the resources of technology: productions of our large health companies, phytosanitary products, media and cultural sphere united around our consensus, armed arms of our Institutions — like NATO -, etc. Only in this way will a united, peaceful and hygienic world be achieved. The ultimate tool here is Artificial Intelligence, the synthesis and summit of all evolution, infinitely superior to any natural or individual « intelligence ».

11. A unique center of the great symbiosis

Last but not least 17 the power needed to manage this still under-managed world can only be achieved through a political partnership, around the « indispensable nation », our big brother from the West. Like Popper, let us promote  » the open society and the progress of the new ideas of imperialism, cosmopolitanism and egalitarianism.  » Yes, you read that right! The exceptional progressive that Popper was puts imperialism, cosmopolitanism and egalitarianism in the same category! Kant, too, saw salvation in an alliance around a powerful state (and not, fortunately, in the funny idea of a dialogue of independent minds and free peoples):  » if happiness wanted that a people as powerful as enlightened could constitute itself in Republic (…) there would be a center for this federative alliance (…) and this alliance could thus extend insensitively and indefinitely18. « This people can only be the « indispensable nation », its government must become the center of the symbioses mentioned; then will be born the omnipotent and omnipresent governance, the great manager who will subdue all nature, all individuals, all people. Take advantage of all the potentialities of the current crisis, to redouble your efforts in the progression towards this supreme ideal!

And most importantly:

Never join the Resistance and Freedom Network(

Do not buy this book under any circumstances: Covid-19: Beyond Censorship, Grappe/Kairos, 2021.

Limit your readings to citizen authors like those mentioned in our recommendations; absolutely avoid libertarian thinkers like Bakhunin and his Revolutionary CatechismRudolf Steiner and his Philosophy of freedomSylvia Perez-Vittoria and her Manifesto for a XXIe peasant centuryand all sorts of other members of the axis of evil ideas.

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4 For a good synthesis of these ideas of Lippmann (with numerous quotations), see in particular a passage from the following book (in German but soon available in French:) Lüders, M., Die Scheinheilige Supermacht, C. H. Beck, 2021, p. 54 sqq. The author is unfortunately critical, but the members of our caliber will know how to go beyond.

5 Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret, The Great Reset, Forum Publishing, 2020 (also in French: Covid-19: la Grande Réinitialisation), p. 115 in particular.

6 Jean Monnet, Mémoires, Fayard, 1976, p. 558.

7 Karl Popper, La société ouverte et ses ennemis — tome 2 — Hegel et Marx, Seuil, 1979, p. 161.



10 A particularly significant example is the chapter The Demographics of Covid or Facing Perilous Choices, in Covid-19: Beyond Censorship, Grappe/Kairos, 2021.

11 Including this one: https: //–0089-0024; article presenting the results of this study: https: // See also, concerning slightly older situations: https: //;

12 On all these subjects, the responsible citizen will be able to note the overweening of the scientists and other subversive analysts in the book quoted above, Covid-19: beyond the censorship.

13 Robert McNamara, The Essence of security, Harper and Row, 1968, p. 109 sq. Quoted by N. Chomsky in What Role for the State, Écosociété, 2005, p. 34.




17 Sorry for the stinking expressions of Atlanticist colonialism (like booster, too, by the way); it’s the MoKaPop circle that’s expressing itself, not me, DZ.

18 Immanuel Kant, Philosophical Essay on Perpetual Peace [1795], Fischbacher, 1888, p. 21.

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