How to create a desirable and desirable future 1 - New and old paradigms: on what values can we build a new way of
Le monde politico-médiatique n'a tiré aucune leçon du passé. Évidemment, puisque "qui contrôle le passé contrôle le présent". Un peuple informé n'aurait jamais laissé
«Aucune montagne ne peut arrêter le flot d’un fleuve puissant». Avec l’arrivée de six nouveaux membres qui ajoutent un poids géostratégique et une profondeur
" One-dimensional thinking is systematically favored by policy makers and their mass information providers. Their discursive universe is full of assumptions that find
Lhe international press has recently been buzzing about the signs of hostility in Brussels against the Eurocrats. "Eurocrat, use your tie" says a slogan
"[...] between 20 and 30,000 lobbyists today represent business interests alone in Brussels, a strike force that public authorities and organized civil society are
The Transatlantic Treaty (TTIP or TAFTA), if it were to materialize, would give the multinationals that already rule our lives and plunder nature, a
When did the "austerity" operation start? It wasn't that long ago. Let's remember: the American subprime crisis became public in 2007; Lehman Brothers, one
On June 23, beating most pollsters, 52 per cent of British voters asked to leave the European Union. The alarmist speeches immediately multiplied. As

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