[SÉRIE]ECONOMIC CHRONICLE #8: A tool for social cohesion, the Holistic Mandala

In this latest instalment of our business series, we take a look at the creation of a new business unit, linking retailers and consumers. More precisely, we’re going to discover a tool to help people define a common project that motivates and unites them. Its name: the Holistic Mandala.

Mandala is a Sanskrit term meaning circle, and by extension, sphere, environment, community, used in Hinduism, as well as Buddhism and Jainism. The Holistic Mandala is a tool for the participative construction of a shared vision. It values different modes of expression: visual, oral, kinaesthetic. It allows a group of people with different ways of thinking to work together and understand each other.a design organized with patterns radiating out from a central point in a set of flows and links. It’s an excellent visual aid to encourage interaction and facilitate understanding.

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