What worlds do we live in?

« One must first decide in favor of one’s own mind and taste. Then one must take the time, and the courage, to express all one’s thoughts about the chosen subject. Finally, one must say it all simply, setting one’s goal not charms, but conviction.« Francis Ponge, Memorandum. Le parti pris de choses, Gallimard, 1935. Do I really have to ask myself this question: what kind of world do we live in? Do we live « in » a pre-existing world determined by immovable mathematical laws into which we insert ourselves, that is, the world as a container? We know the lessons of Galileo, Bacon, Descartes, Newton, Einstein. If the world is pre-existent, it is easy to consider that it is at our disposal and that we are entitled to exploit it to live better and better. Everything is reduced to a mechanical vision of the world and of life. We are then all parts of a machine — and even small machines, we must admit — that must work in the best conditions. As individual machines, in order to live better , we mu …

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