What is journalism — prelude to the publication of the « great debate


Tonight at 6:00 pm, we will publish the great debate that we conducted live on June 10 — with some improvements from its first publication on Facebook.

After more than 15 months of intense journalistic work (multiple press conferences, articles, investigations, lives, interviews…), the attacks of the media of the power, the total absence of solidarity of the journalists, supposedly « colleagues », the multiplication of the subscribers to the newspaper and to the networks and the relative increase of the messages of support and the proposals to investigate, the 3h15 of debate gave place to the emotion. I hope you will understand.

I was not able to thank the technical team, which despite some difficulties, was able to achieve what was a first for them. Thanks to Hugo Live!

Thanks to the Kairos Task Force. All the work that some of them have been doing for more than 9 years, often as volunteers, and the others for 15 months, intensive. Thank you!

And thanks to Julie Michotte, Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Vincenzo Castronovo, Frédéric Goaréguer, Louis Fouché, Kaarle Parikka, Martin Zizzi. Thanks for their commitment, their courage, their words.

While on the other side we see only cowardice and servitude. It is therefore good to recall the Munich Charter and what the — true — work of a journalist represents.

Let’s keep going!

Alexandre Penasse

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