The world we create

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This small world is constantly changing and shading, like a kaleidoscope. It is like a music which caracoles with its refrains and improvisations. But there is a refrain that for two centuries has been coming back again and again, haunting: a part of us is afraid. She can’t stand the unexpected, which would turn the program upside down. A part of us has taken power, for fear of suffering. Because by doing everything to control and predict, we could silence the alternatives, enslave them. Everything, down to the smallest detail, is now the result of a programmatic process, an automatic engineering of optimized management. Feedback loops, quality action programs, artificial intelligence, deep learning, data driven factory, data driven health, nanosecond trading, shared calendars… The excess of control. Promethean madness to the point of grotesque. Any action on matter is now mediated by a technical system, for which you are only a variable, and the world only a reserve of resourc …

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