The world we create

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This small world is constantly changing and shading, like a kaleidoscope. It is like a music which caracoles with its refrains and improvisations. But there is a refrain that for two centuries has been coming back again and again, haunting: a part of us is afraid. She can’t stand the unexpected, which would turn the program upside down. A part of us has taken power, for fear of suffering. Because by doing everything to control and predict, we could silence the alternatives, enslave them. 

Everything, down to the smallest detail, is now the result of a programmatic process, an automatic engineering of optimized management. Feedback loops, quality action programs, artificial intelligence, deep learning, data driven factory, data driven health, nanosecond trading, shared calendars… The excess of control. Promethean madness to the point of grotesque. 

Any action on matter is now mediated by a technical system, for which you are only a variable, and the world only a reserve of resources to be plundered. Lowering your blinds, finding a restaurant, deciding on an itinerary, understanding the weather, optimizing your transit time, paying at the cash register, counting the change given… until you meet the other person. Algorithmic digital governmentality. Artificial intelligence. Delusional transhumanism. 

The world we have allowed to come into being is a grimace, an ugly caricature of creation. An automatic world without shimmer, without bifurcation, without possibilities and without dreams, administered by a few narcissistic perverts. We have entered the era of digital artefactual totalitarianism, where the human is obsolete. Having become unable to survive, barely alive, he no longer interacts without his techno-industrial crutch and perverse masters. Gunther Anders, Jacques Ellul, Ivan Illich, Eric Sadin have masterfully detailed it. 

Hubris has led to the creation of a digital duplication of the world. Our masters are the numbers, the datas and their owners. Everything is variable to optimize. The human remains alone in the middle of the rubble, behind his digital smoke screen. No more living, no more 

beauty. An artefact world, all plastic, flashy and concrete, a fake digital world where everything is fake. Like in the Truman Show. An illusion. For what decoy did we let it happen? The place has become unlivable. We broke everything. The pact with the devil has been made. « You will not suffer! If you bow down to me. » But we suffer more than ever! 

So this is the right time. Kairos. The one we are living is one for good. With all the suffering of the Living which returns to us by ricochet. This was the wake-up call we needed. It is high time to chase away the fearful, to get out the sophists. Shoo the corrupt and inquisitorial media. Shoo Big Pharma playing with our lives. Shoo Big data that eats our data. Shoo Big tech that wants to make us cripples of reality. Out with the wormy politicians. Shoo the dusty transhumanist ideologues of TV sets. Get out of Silicon Valley. 

We must let this ugly and dying system collapse. It’s time to divest it from our energy. It still holds on only because we give it our blood. The technical system has become the principle 

of mass control. Leave the technical system. Find, recreate a friendly technique that allows us to live better together. Reconnect with the real behind the scenes. It is time to choose the essential. 

Don’t try to convince those who still believe in this falling world. They will stiffen all the more on their brutal and criminal totalitarianism. Just welcome them when they in turn understand the evil they were living in. 

The suffering we experience is an initiation. It is an opportunity. Finally, we can avoid the worst. Let’s get out of this oil, plastic and concrete garbage can. We are in a historical moment. Don’t be fooled. And the historical moments are there to mess up the daily grind. We are in a moment of agony of the World we have known. The call goes out. Because it’s always on. Carry life beyond suffering and beyond fears. Buycott, boycott, bankrun. Leave the cities. Turn off the television. Turn off your phones. Quit your stupid jobs. Find the ones you love. Find the joy. Plant trees. Grow your own vegetables. Create your own currency. Give yourself over to the joy of creating, of contemplating. Take back your health. Low tech, slow life. Find the adventure and the carefree spirit. Take care of the weakest. They will pay you back a hundredfold. Get back in touch. Let us be guardians of the Living. 

What kind of world do we live in? The one we create! 

Dr. Louis Fouché, specialized in Anesthesia-Resuscitation 

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