The new question of 2021

What’s new in 2021? Of course, we know that it is the new that sells in our society, and therefore to determine it is already to win the war. Günther Anders(1), for his part, explains to us that man feels more and more obsolete precisely because he cannot follow the rhythm of the novelties imposed by the Megamachine… But the question only concerns the degraders. First we thought about the digitization of the world which accelerated dramatically with the pandemic, but that was in 2020, and then « systemic racism, » but even if it’s a thing, it’s not from 2021. Finally, we have retained the attempts to make nuclear power a green investment at the level of the European Commission in 2021, and in connection with this we have noticed a book by Thierry Ribault(2) questioning resilience, which has always been seen as a positive and good thing for victims. In June 2019, an EU expert group on sustainable finance concluded that nuclear power, which « emits virtually noCO2 ‚ » could  » he …
Notes et références
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