« The mask is not a detail! »


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In Belgium, as early as spring 2020, you were one of the first to criticize the political management of the epidemic. Were you surprised at first by the way the Belgian and French governments went about it? One year later, has your analysis changed? That’s an interesting question, and one that I’m answering publicly for the first time. As of December 2019, I was worried, following the news from China. In January, we saw all these sick people in Wuhan. So my first impression was alarmist. Then there was the first containment. At the very beginning, I thought it was a good idea, as well as closing the borders. It was necessary to limit, isolate, treat. But by mid-April, I thought something was wrong: first useless and then mandatory masks, contradictory messages, etc. I started to have doubts, asked myself questions about the origin of the virus and carried out my investigations, especially from the case of France, while also looking at Belgium. In July 2020, you published an artic …

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