The Antecrisis

« Nietzsche called the Antichrist one of his works in which he denounced Christian hypocrisy and the idealist lie, in which he reduced to rubble all philosophy of resentment, submission, and the glorification of what crushes and weakens us. He invites to the transvaluation of all values, to reverse and multiply the perspectives. In his next book, ecce homo, he calls not only to destroy and denounce but to affirm true life, to make vital energies grow, to take the place of the creator. The Festival of Liberties, organized each year in the fall by Bruxelles laïque, was a wonderful program. And the bet was festively taken up, since we saw a tremendous will to get rid of miserabilism and inaction, the desire to choose joyful passions and to leave sad passions, to cultivate trials and trials and to seek beyond the crisis to live well. A healthy and welcome critique of the prevailing depression in the context of the collapse of all « turnkey » systems. And that calls for other interrogations, like those relative to the ways of joyfully assuming the conflict, or to the attempts of scattered organizations to make the relation of force, to be able to exist in front of what destroys them and, therefore, to keep smiling. 

The Bruxelles Laïque Echo magazine dedicated to the Antecrisis is available online : echos_2012_03.pdf

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