I plead guilty to Ivermectin and to vaccination!

I solemnly announce that I no longer recognize the competence of the Ordre des Médecins to decide on my capacity to practice medicine.

I will continue to practice regardless of the outcome of this proceeding and will only grant a correctional court jurisdiction to deprive me of it and punish me for practicing it.

I have broken the rules that the College intends to impose on us in the context of the health crisis because I cannot abide by rules that violate the Natural Law to which we all owe an imperative respect, pandemic or not.

By analogy with the procedural framework of the ordinary courts, I therefore wish to file a counterclaim in the first instance and to bring a complaint against Mr. Dejemeppe, President of the National Order. I would, in fact, be powerless to establish the validity of my actions without demonstrating the irrelevance of his. This claim is part of my defence, but it is connected to the main claim by a link of connexity.

My complaint is all the more justified since Mr. Dejemeppe has stubbornly refused to open a debate for more than a year and that for any answer, he sends me emails such as the one of November 5, 2021 where he justifies his silence by a duty of neutrality, whereas a note of orientation, written under his authority, stipulates the contrary and says that the independence of the Order from political and trade union organizations is an essential condition for the effectiveness of its action.

It should be remembered that Mr. Dejemeppe is not a judge, but a standing judge who was forced to sit down and that an agent of the executive has been installed on our throne, who is reigning over our consciences with all the power of the governmental scepter!


The complaint that Dr. Gerard filed against me has the merit of covering in 6 lines the 28 pages of questions that I have addressed in vain to the Order of Physicians, which has been putting them on the index since December 2020.

I told you, I plead guilty!

Yes, I prescribe Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin for early outpatient treatment.

I did not follow the WHO recommendations based on studies written by porn stars! I followed the serious scientific currents and in particular, the study realized in 2020, in the service of the doctor Michèle Gérard, the plaintiff in the present case, in collaboration with Sciensano and the ULB. Their findings are clear: « Compared with supportive care alone, low-dose HCQ monotherapy is independently associated with lower mortality in hospitalized patients with diagnosed COVID-19, regardless of whether treatment is early or late after symptom onset. »

These authors have now changed their minds for reasons that are financial pataphysics!

By the complicit pressure he exerts on doctors (as he did on me in an e‑mail attached to this letter), Mr. Dejemeppe, by placing a doctrinal blockade on early ambulatory treatments, is responsible for the death of many patients, if it turns out, as I am convinced, that the treatments I administered are effective.
Nor did Dejemeppe speak out against the government’s implementation of RIZIV code 101135, which is designed to remove doctors from the health crisis by offering them €20 every time they agree to examine a patient not with their stethoscope, but with their smartphone and prescribe Paracetamol to treat a fatal disease!

These are serious mistakes!

Yes, I am against vaccination! I am against it because the vaccination plan that Mr. Dejemeppe endorses through the Order’s circular of January 23, 2021, and which he orders us to promote under penalty of severe sanctions, violates many imprescriptible decrees, laws and regulations!

Mr. Dejemeppe, in an email, attached to this file, that he sent me on November 5, 2021 at 8:41 a.m., reminds me that an enacted law applies to ALL, without distinction. I will therefore remind him of those that his circular violates.

Firstly, Mr. Dejemeppe’s circular covers an unacceptable violation of professional secrecy.
Mr. Philippe Boxho, vice-president of the National Order and professor of deontology, states in the columns of the newspaper Le Soir that the vaccination plan reeks of totalitarianism and that it violates professional secrecy. Why didn’t he make this statement during a Council meeting, as he is the highest ranking member of the Belgian ordinal podium?

Article 458 of the Penal Code, neither repealed nor suspended by an amending provision of the Law of August 14, 2021 on administrative police measures during an epidemic emergency, remains of general application and applies to Mr. Dejemeppe as it does to all Belgian citizens.

Being in solidarity with Dr. Boxho’s point of view, I am filing the Soir article with the trial file and wondering if his current reversal is related to the effects of sudden schizophrenia or the effects of unbearable pressure?

I accuse Mr. Dejemeppe of covering up this unacceptable violation of professional secrecy!

I regret the absence of Dr. Philippe Boxho, although I had asked that he testify here. Its absence is an unspeakable denial of justice!

Mr. Dejemeppe’s circular orders us to cover up an illegal practice of the Art of Healing.

Article 2 of the Royal Decree n°78 of November 10, 1967 states that vaccination is unambiguously a medical act and that its practice by a person who is not a doctor of Medicine, Surgery and Childbirth, is constitutive of an illegal exercise of the Medical Art

By virtue of this article, neither repealed nor suspended by an amending provision of the above-mentioned Act of August 14, 2021, the State unlawfully practices the Art of Healing. The Minister is in effect eliminating the physician, the mandatory link in the chain that goes from a marketed treatment to its prescription. A personal history, a careful examination of the patient and clear information must precede the collection of consent, which is necessary before any vaccination is administered or prescribed.

This law is binding on everyone! Mr. Dejemeppe had the duty to remind all physicians of the imperative need for this! I therefore affirm that Mr. Dejemeppe has committed a fault by not denouncing this illegal exercise, as ordered by article 6 of the Royal Decree n°79 of November 10, 1967.

Mr. Dejemeppe’s circular covers a totally disrespectful treatment of the patient.

Mr. Benoît Dejemeppe reminded us in his email of November 5 that vaccination was not imposed on anyone.
Who is Mr. Dejemeppe kidding?

Is he unaware that the consent of a majority of the vaccinated Belgians was obtained under the effect of media, moral, cultural and social pressure in contravention of the law of August 22, 2002 which authorizes a patient not to consent to a treatment proposed to him. The patient cannot be deprived of his or her autonomy, which is confirmed by article 20 of the new code of ethics.

Mr. Dejemeppe also forgets articles 1108 and following of the Civil Code, which invalidate consents obtained by fraud or violence, articles that were so insisted upon by Maître Pierre Van Ommeslaghe, my professor of obligations who must also have been his professor?
Our President ignores Resolution 2361 of the Council of Europe, which strongly condemns the discriminatory maneuvers of which non-vaccinated people are victims today, a resolution that is not binding for a judge but for a magistrate who is not subject to the principle of the legality of offenses and can therefore impose moral principles on doctors that are not binding.

How can Mr. Dejemeppe tolerate the words of Alexander De Croo who declared on September 20, 2021, that  » This epidemic became an epidemic of the unvaccinated. « and accused the remaining vaccine-refractory people of  » It is just as legal to refuse the vaccine as it is to refusethe last rites?

Will we go to Belgium to annoy the non-vaccinated, with the blessing of the Order, as proposed by the little French Bonaparte?

I accuse Mr. Dejemeppe of having once again failed in all his duties.

I will therefore relentlessly oppose vaccination as it is organized by a state of lawlessness, validated by an Order under  influence.

I wish to contribute to the reconstruction of a Nation that allows itself today to forbid a spouse, a son, a mother, a brother, to hold the hand of a parent who dies alone in the room of a hospice and who pushes with his last sigh, a final word of love that nobody will hear!

The Order must clean the stables of Augias, without submitting as Hercules did to the whims of Omphale!
The Order has the strength, the Order has the power! The Order has a sacred duty to do so!


  1. Email from Mr. Dejemeppe dated November 5, 2021
  2. Email of May 7, 2020
  3. Article in the SOIR by Philippe Boxho.

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